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04-11-2004, 02:40 AM
Through my support group that I attend, I "support" a family who has an eleven year old girl diagnosed with 38 degree scoliosis and who has worn a TLSO brace for the past two years. She began menstruating about 6 months ago and is almost at the stage where she needs a bra. The mother came to me and asked me for some advice on some problems that she is having managing her periods and wearing a brace and also on certain milestones. The questions frankly stumped me but I would like to find a variety of answers for her cause she and her daughter seemed very frustrated.

Here is the problem:

Other girls in her class are beginning to get a bra and the girl feels different not wearing a bra also (she needs one). And the boys are begining to tease her cause they know that she doesn't. the mother feels that she is missing an important milestone- the experience of buying her first bra. The mother wants to buy her a bra but is not sure if it is a good idea for her to wear one under her brace (which she wears 23/24 hours a day. What have peoples experiences been.

Second problem:
During menstruation the girl is experiencing quite severe cramps. To get relief she takes the brace off and puts a hot water bottle on her stomach. And then takes more time out of her brace cause it hurts her stomach. Her mother is not happy with this because it means time out of the brace. Has anyone successfully managed cramps in a brace.

I'm sorry that these questions are really personal ones, but they've stumped me, and stumped others in my support group



04-11-2004, 12:00 PM

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