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03-31-2004, 03:44 AM
Sorry for my bad english

After 3 long Years of incredible pain and search all over the world i found 6 months ago the right way. That way was not cheap or easy but i it help me.

I had got pain in the back bone with 17 Years, I tryed all things of therapie (fitnesstraining, elektrotherapie ...) and a lot of pain drugs first in my homeland (bosnia-hercegovina) then in Italy, Slovenia and Swiss. nothing helped.

The doctors recomended to me a surgery operation because i had 25 skoliosis, 63 kyphosis and ostechondrosis but i did not want it, because it was to dangerous.

I thought either I commit suicide or I try a surgery or I look for in the internet for a solution and i found it. That was a german forum(now they have also a english section)


they recomended only 2 solutions

1. to make muscle therapie called Schroth-Therapie
2. to go to Dr. Hoffman (Leonberg, Germany) after that to to make a chenau brace with rahmouni www.rahmouni.de

I did it, my father drived me 2000 km from my homeland to Dr. Hoffmann, after that i should wait 2 weeks untill my brace should be produced in this time i was in a Shroth-Klinik (Bad Salzungen http://www.skoliose.tv), in two weeks of shroth-training i corrected my skoliosis for 4 and my kyphosys for 10. after that i get my brace, after 3 weeks (23 hours per day) having a brace i did not have any pain.

I can only this things recomend to anybody independent of age because in the german forum is someone who is 53 years(Toni) old who has a rahmouni-brace that helped him.

now i have no scoliosis and my kyphosis is at 43 without a brace, in a few months i wil not need a brace.

i hope i could you help.

04-05-2004, 04:08 PM
Can I have your email address? Mine is rosesharon4065@hotmail.com if you want to give it to me in private. I have more questions for you.