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03-29-2004, 04:24 PM
I have been out of my brace for 3 months now - after wearing it for 4 years and then slowly decreasing the number of hours that I wore it (and I was really pretty good). I just went to my orthapaedist (whatever the spelling is...) today - and got mediocre news.
I grew 1/4" - from 5'9 3/8" to 5'9 5/8" (even though my doctor had previously thought that I had stopped growing...), and my curves went up approx. 2 degrees each. the top curve increased 2 degrees to now be 30 - which is the highest it's ever been; the bottom curve stayed about the same at 26-27-28 (or maybe went up 1-2 degrees). it's really annoying!!!!! cuz just when I thought that i was done with the brace, i had to grow again and ruin my back!!!!!!!!! i don't mind growing more and getting taller - it's just the meaning behind the growing (that i haven't reached skeletal maturation) and the repercussions of growing (curve increasing) that i don't want.
i have to go back to him in 4 months so he can keep an eye on it. but so far, i'm still out of the brace.