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07-06-2006, 03:29 PM
I went for my pre op last week and I guess I have been processing eversince. There are days where I really feel like I'm in a daze, kind of paralyzed. I have a list a mile long that I want to get done before I go and decided that most of it wouldn't happen. I'm angry one minute, sad the next...basically all over. It was a very long day during the pre op and I found out some things that I didn't realize. All O,K I guess but so much of life is managing expectations and mine weren't lined up with the doctors I guess. Like I didn't realize I would be wearing a brace for 3 months. I was also bummed to find out that when I get wheeled away at 6 in the morning on Monday that my husband won't be able to see me until Tuesday late afternoon. Not that I will remember him being there anyway but I wasn't prepared for that news either. When they told me I fought with all my might not to break down in tears, and the PA said I could bring something from home to comfort me. I looked at her strangly and thought what in the world is she talking about.... Finally I asked, "you mean like a blankie?" She smiled and said yes! I burst out laughing and said I'm 33 years old I don't have a blankie anymore, my husband is my woobie! Anyway such is life....Count down has begun.

07-06-2006, 06:00 PM

My surgery will be on July 24th in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Like you, I had a long list of things that should get done that probably won't, but, oh, well.
My pre-op won't be until the 19th when they do the final x-ray to see how long the fusion will be--apx. T-3 or 4 to L-5 or S-1. It will be done posterior and I am not having a hip graft or a thoracotomy.

Is yours going to be two surgeries or one? Also, I was wondering why you wouldn't be able to see your husband until the next day?

Like you, I am the mother of 3 children, although the oldest is only here on weekends now. My family will be the ones helping me out afterwards as one son lives home and attends college (20) and my daughter is home from high school for the summer (15). She just got her driving permit so will be able to drive me (and hopefully do some housework). I have also been a homemaker for the past couple years because of pain and disability from the scoliosis, but am hoping to work eventually.

Oh, what size are your curve (s)? Mine are 65T/75L and progressing 1 degree per year (on the bottom). I wore a Milwaukee brace in h.s.

I think at this point I am more worried about my family, house, and dogs and how they will get along afterwards than I am the surgery! You can private message me anytime.


07-06-2006, 07:18 PM
peachtree & cakedec,
I"m about a week after you, Deb. I can relate to being concerned about the family & all handling our recovery.. Also.. Somedays I feel like I should do everything I want to do & move & bend! Other days I feel I should start practicing relaxing & 'sit' which I really don't do much of.... One thing I know is I've got to get to the beach by next week.... worst times for me are sunrise & sunset! other than that I'm ok..
ps...Deb--I remember you said it's like we're nesting & I do believeit's happened to me... I've been getting my room primped & ready...........Ly :)

surg. aug 1st-ant/post

07-06-2006, 08:12 PM
I'm worried about the family also but my mom and other relatives have got this whole surgery thing down to a pat. They will be taking care of my kids who are 10, 8, and 6. My husband we are hoping can be with me for the first week, and than switch with my mom. I'm having the surgery away from home so we will be in Boston for about 17 days. I'm missing the kids and the routines already. My curves are 65/57 and will be operated on from T2-L3. They say I can't see Rich because its a 10-12 hour surgery and because of all the fluids, (blood, antibiotics, etc) that they pump through your body, and the fact that the surgery is done face down, that all the fluid settles in your face and neck. They said that I would be recongizable to Rich but greatly disfigured and they've decided that it's best for 24 hours or so to go by before family visits. I don't know but that's what they said, I also think that because its Mass General Hospital and I'm just a number in a big fish pool that they have rules and regulations to go by and there fore I must just fit into their rule book. I'm having just posterior with a chest drain and a rib that's being taken out. Anyway thats about it I guess.

07-07-2006, 06:31 AM
It could be the same for me-who knows- because I have'nt had my pre-op yet(July 27th). I kind of dislike waiting so long to find out stuff like this but it seems they all do it this way... I did get some of my questions answered by my Dr's nurse but the rest have to wait for the Dr. till then.
I was assuming my husband could check in on me after the surgery(at night) since I'll go in at 6am/1st operation starts about 8am & done around 12 or so & next operation from then on till 6-7pm...that's all I was told.. The nurse did tell me my kids are too young(7&10) to visit me in the hospital -(-by the second week if I'm in good shape.) That made me sad because I'll miss them so for 10 days or more.... Then she specified that I should be ok if I can go down to the lobby by the second week via wheelchair to see them-that's sounds a little better!
You mentioned that some days you feel dazed/paraylized...I have felt many a times thru this waiting period(7 mths). days that I just walked around the house doing very little & then wondered where the day went! I really was the worst right after my decision was mad in Jan. & believe I had a lot of depression then...
This whole thing is really a big rollercoaster ride that continues after the operation & we just have to stay positive & keep it together....
The hardest part I see coming up is saying goodbye to my kids & then husband...can't cry with the first group & that will be very hard & take all my strength since I'm an teary person..............good luck & know we are all sending our prayers w/ you! Ly

07-07-2006, 06:42 AM
The last few weeks are very odd before surgery. Just focus on getting your bag together with your wash kit etc and try and do some nice stuff - go for meals out or to the cinema or something. Try and make some special memories.

They let my husband in to ICU for a few minutes the same night of the day I was operated but really I was too out of it to appreciate seeing him. Don't worry, you won't miss seeing anyone in the first 24 hours - they keep you quite well sedated and you will mostly just sleep.

Do take something to cuddle - hubby bought me a really soft cuddly dog and I slept with it every night. It might seem daft since I'm over 40 - but it did help somehow - made up for not having hubby or my cats to cuddle.

Hang in there all of you who are getting your surgery soon. Your feelings are all normal and to be expected. Honestly though - it is all worth it .....

07-07-2006, 03:02 PM
Good luck to all of you! My family saw me for about five minutes in ICU and at the time they really wanted to. Weeks later they told me I was so swollen and looking REALLY bad, so they could've done without that sight.
The closer my surgery got the happier I was to have it over with. I'm doing well, just bored and lonely at times. As much as I hate doing laundry, food shopping, cleaning etc..... I miss it keeping me busy.
Best of luck!

07-08-2006, 01:30 AM
I never thought that what I was doing was nesting, but that's absolutely right. I scrubbed walls, floors and mowed an acre of grass with a push mower, thinking I was doing things I wouldn't be able to do afterwards. Instead, I wish I would have gone golfing!!!

I worked until 10 days before my surgery but everything was a rollercoaster ride for months before. I would be laughing one minute, crying the next. My mind was going in a hundred different directions, as I'm sure your minds are.

Do things that are FUN!!!