View Full Version : the MRI.....it was a loooong one.........

06-02-2006, 05:31 AM
I think I'm still pretty exhausted from my tests yesterday...I had an EKG,Echio, bone density & MRI. I was doing ok until the MRI. See, I thought I had a closed one 3 yrs ago but evidently the tiny areas open on the side made it an opened one... so when I saw the closed tube one I got a bit queasy,,, I grapped the eye blinders & got them right on before they even set me up... Then I was cool...
They told me it would be 28 minutes for the lower MRI. Ok, I thought, I can handle that, Then the guy calls into me to check how I'm doing.. & I say are we done yet? He says we have to do about another 30 minutes or more because I can't get your body in right... I say, you mean my curves?? & he said "yes, I did'nt want to put it that way but yea"...
so I have to say I was quite exhausted & ready to scream my head off after that MRI... thank god it's over........LYnne :eek:

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06-02-2006, 10:33 AM
Hang in there, Lynne. Think of it as one hurdle out of the way.......hopefully you won't have to do that again. Take care, have a good day & weekend :)