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03-04-2004, 05:21 PM
i was diagnosed at 15 and wore a boston back brace for 3 years and now that i am almost 40 i have really bad back pain. i get no sympathy from most people...its funny those who do not have scoliosis have no clue what we all feel and how bad our pain is...they all say the same thing...ie i have back pain too....or thats what happens when you get old..or better yet...just exercise...yea, like that's easy....and while going to get a massage at a chiroprist is all well and good, the exercise they have you do make the pain worse!...noone seems to undertand! the last chiro. told me that it was a small miracle that i am able to function...what???!!!! what advice does everyone have? what kinds of things have you all done? should i seek out another doctor? i dont have insurance...and does anyone have foot and leg pain? bunions? big toes moving towards the other toes? please feel free to email me at mysticalgracie@aol.com....thanks! gracieblue