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05-19-2006, 10:41 AM
Hi, while doing research on Scoliosis, I found this web site and what a blessing it is. My granddaughter was diagnosed when she was 7 and now at age 10, the curvature is 26 degrees, up from 16 degrees 18 months ago. She was fitted for a boston brace last week and when I heard this I was very very upset, to the point of tears (fear of the unknown) ... more upset about her having to wear a brace... she is an active girl and plays all sports and dances... Anyway, after thinking about it rationally, and seeing her reaction which was good, I found this site. I have lots of questions and will read all the threads... most of my questions would be about her and how it will affect her psychologically, how will she sleep, does she have to buy new clothes... etc etc. So thank you for being here and I will be around as much as I can.

06-18-2006, 12:30 PM
Hi Susan,my Daughter Is 12 And Has Been Told She Has Scoliosis.but We Still Waiting To Se The Consultant.as You Will Know The Waiting Is A Killer,all Sorts Has Gone Through Our Minds,braces,surgeory....weve Had Endless Nights Lookin On The Pc For Information Makin Us Feel Like Were The Only Family Goin Through This.i Know We Cant Do Alot Till Weve Have X Rays Done,but Waiting Tears You To Pieces,we Think She May Need An Op,we Wud Prefer That To Having A Brace On For Years And Still Need An Op..but I Suppose We Have To Leave That To The Doctors.we Feel Like We Cant Plan Anything Our Lives Seem On Hold .is This A Long Waiting Game For Us!

06-18-2006, 12:47 PM
Hi Pauly...

As an update, my granddaughter had the boston brace on for two weeks - 8 hours the first week and 16 hours the second week. After the two weeks, she went back to the ortho and wearing the brace her curve went down to 15, which is incredibly magnificent!!! It was a bit tough in the beginning but within a couple of days, she got used to it and is able to sleep thru the night (and then some) comfortably. Dressing is not difficult as she wears in some cases, slightly bigger clothes... but the brace is not visible thru the clothes, and her school mates would never have known if she didnt tell them. All they have noticed is that her posture is better. She rides her bike, and virtually everything she did without the brace. She has her whining moments, (what child doesnt). Bottom line she is handling it way better than we initially thought... and will do anything to avoid surgery... the other good news...,. every hour she spends swimming is an hour off the brace. :) she is wearing it 16 hours now and goes back for another visit in 4 months....

best of luck to you and hang in there... write me if you need