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Joe O'Brien
10-02-2003, 09:56 AM
My own scoliosis was detected through an xray I had because of a high school football injury. One of my children was detected in a school screening, one by a pediatrician, and one by us.

Please let us know how your scoliosis was first detected.


10-04-2003, 08:20 AM
On January, probably Saturday the 26th 2002, my Mum suggested we went to my Aunts house so she could drop something off there, have a little chat and I could get a dip in the pool (it was a hot day!) Of course I said I would go, who wouldn't!? When we got there, after a little while I changed into my purple bikini and jumped into the pool. My Mum and Aunt were chatting outside under the shade while I played in the pool with my 2 younger cousins. It would've been at least 3-4 hours later until my Aunt noticed something.

It was when I stepped out of the pool using the ladder, and the right side of my body was facing her and she noticed something. She noticed my rib hump; it was as huge as Quasimodo's. They called me out of the water and inspected me. I remember my Mum telling me, "Stand up straight, Jess!" and I said "I am!" There was no mirror, no nothing for me to check out what they were talking about. I heard their mumbles though as they were checking me out; they were like "She doesn't look straight" "This doesn't look right", etc. Of course I was worried, who wouldn't be. I had no idea what was going on, and when we got in the car later that day Mum said to me that she was going to make an appointment for me to see the doctor. Two days later nothing had happened so I asked her about it and an appointment was made for the next day...January 29th, Tuesday 2002 - the last day of the school holidays.

When I went to the doctor’s surgery he knew exactly what it was. I remember my doctor saying, "This is pretty marked scoliosis." 'Huh!? Oh no, what is scoliosis?' Is what I was thinking at the time. After a short explanation, he hopped onto his computer and typed a few things, muttered to himself, printed something off and he was done. He was searching for a special orthopaedic surgeon and referred me to one. He talked to my Mum and I a little bit more and I felt like crying because they kept referring to me as deformed. It was such a harsh word and to hear it from my own Mum was worse. But I tried to keep strong and kept a neutral face. I had to go get an x-ray done sometime that day which was annoying because I also had an orthodontist appointment; my day was too busy for me considering it was the last day of holidays. I had the x-ray done after my orthodontist appointment and had the x-rays dropped off back at the surgery.

When I finally had time to myself I went to my room and looked in the mirror. My eyes were watering as I looked at my rib hump. I hated myself for never really noticing it. I could hear Mum explaining to Dad what the appointment was for and I was just confused so I went on the Internet. I search up this condition and found a really detailed but plain looking site. I read all about bracing and only read the title 'surgery' as another option, and from then on I wanted surgery. I thought it would be a good experience to have an operation and I wouldn't have to wear a brace for years, but then again my vision of a brace was vastly distorted. Imagine metal headgear some people have to wear for braces and turn that into a body brace - that's what I thought it would be like.

That night my friend Jana came online and I told her all about it. I don't know what I would've done at school because I don't think I would've had the courage to tell me friends face to face but she was nice enough to fill them in on the details. I had lots of hugs and sympathy from people, which I liked at the time too because I've never had anyone care for me so much, and if anyone did they never showed it. It was just nice to see people worry for me; it let me know how much they really did care for me when I considered myself as 'another person'.

10-08-2003, 03:13 AM
Oh Jessica, as a Mother of a beautiful scoliosis-free daughter, it breaks my heart to hear how badly you were hurt during an already stressful time. You know, Jessica, sometimes as parents, adults forget that children are listening and watching everything we do and say, especially at a time when you are already confused and hurting. I'm sure your Mom didn't realize how what she was saying must have sounded to you and that is unfortunate but somewhat understandable.

As I look back at the time when I was diagnosed with my scoliosis, I think I must have been a lot like you. Trying to keep a straight face, not letting anyone see my cry and always being the "good girl and daughter". However, I was lucky to have had 2 parents and a doctor(my doctor was the Dr Harrington) who were always very careful and thoughtful in describing everything to me and never using words like "deformed". I wish it had been easier for you.

But you sound like you're a wonderful lady(I hope that doesn't make you cringe at my choice of words!) and you've handled all that you've gone through, just beautifully and I know that I would be very proud of you if you were my own daughter.

Keep up your spirits and let us know how you are doing. If I can ever answer any questions or anything like that, I'd love to be of any help that I can. You're welcome to email me if you would like, at ddkrus@hotmail.com or ddkrus54@yahoo.com.

Be safe, Jessica and God Bless you,

10-08-2003, 03:38 AM
At the end of the summer when I was 12, my father noticed my back seemed "crooked", as I walked by the pool in my bathing suit. As soon as we got back from vacation, I went to see my Pediatric Specialist, he sent me to an Orthopod, and the orthopedic sent me to Houston to see Dr. Harrington, whom he had just seen at a seminar on the treatment of scoliosis. Dr. Harrington diagnosed my scoliosis, my curve at that time was 58 degrees I believe. He gave us the option of a Milwaukee brace or surgery and my family and I chose the surgery. Six months later when I came back to Houston for the surgery, my curve had progressed to somewhere around 64 degrees.
My surgery was done on Feb. 1, 1966, I was 12 yrs. old.


10-08-2003, 12:53 PM
My daughter's scoliosis was diagnosed by the pediatrician just prior to her 13th birthday. She is now 17 and maintaining a 40deg lumbar curve with a 26 degree thoracic compensatory curve and significant rotation. She has annual checkups with the orthopedist.

My son was diagnosed at 19 weeks gestation with a curved spine. At birth, his congenital (thoracic) curve was 45 degrees. By 9 months old, the curve was 75 degrees. He is now 8yrs old and has had spinal fusion and Titanium Rib implants done. His congenital curve is rigid at 65 degrees, and his lower curve is stable with continual rod expansion procedures.

01-25-2004, 12:29 AM
hi am am brand new to the board and found out i had scoliosis about 12 hours ago at my chiropractor. i was a new patient to him and because i was new he took an x ray of my back to see if any of my back problems were caused by anything in the spine. boy how was he shocked to see my spine. from what i saw my lower back is curved, dont know how much yet but i will know monday. what made me and my mom really mad was how the school nurse last year saw that i had it and we went to my doctor to pursue it but he pretty much just dismissed us and the nurse as being worry some patients, he has had that feeling towards me and my mom ever sense i had a anxiety problem in 7th grade. so now we have cut ties with my doctor and are reporting him to the state and admininstrative boards and being neglagent. but my chiropractor,who is really nice and actually cares about his patients, said that sense i am 16 it will be easier to get it more aligned than curved.

well that was a long one. lol

02-09-2004, 11:00 PM
I'm new to this and live in Australia! I was diagnosed Wednesday (11th Feb 04). I had sort of always known that I had it but never actually had it diagnosed. My brother and mum also have it. At my school they never had any screening for this, unusal as as far as I know all schools have this. I have always had back trouble but I just put it down to being so tall (6FT). It wasn't till I was pregnant with my first child that it really gave me trouble. I couldn't get anything done seen I was pregnant then after I gave birth just never went to the doc about it. It played up again when pregnant with my 2nd and I knew I had to get something done. 4 months now since I gave birth and my back pain has been getting worse and paracetamol doesn't work at all! I also suffer migraines and was thinking the other day whether this maybe caused from the scoliosis. What do you think? The doc said it is only a mild case, but still enough to give me pain and make things uncomfortable for me. Sometimes I can't twist my back as I get a sharp pain down my spine.

Jill K
05-04-2004, 07:40 PM
I was diagnosed with my scoliosis 2 years ago, but before then when ever i looked at my ribcage, on always seemed to be bigger and the other smaller. I did not know what this was, but I kept looking at the strange shape. But little did I know it was because of my scoliosis which is currently at 42 degrees. I also felt that the bottom portion of my left ribs were "missing" because they went further into my back causing them to not show as much. This also confused me until I was diagnosed.

05-18-2004, 10:56 AM
I was told I had scoliosis by my doctor about 2 years ago.

08-25-2004, 01:37 AM
My daughter was first diagnoised with scoliosis during a school exam. I took her to the Dr. and he had a wait and see attitude since it was only slightly off, even though she had one hip protruding and the other not. He measured her back by using an instrument to run along the spine, last year it showed approx 15 degrees. I asked for an x-ray last year but wasn't persistent enough, so between Jan. and June her back changed now she is at 51 degrees and 14 years old and too old to brace and now they want surgery. I wished i had been persistant, the x-ray would have been more accurate and bracing might have helped.

08-25-2004, 11:23 AM

Don't beat yourself (or your daughter's pediatrician) up. :-) It's entirely possible that the scoliosis was correct, and your daughter's curve really was only 15 degrees when it was detected. Most reputable scoliosis specialists would not put a teenager with a 15 degree curve into a brace.

Unfortunately, curves can increase drastically during growth spurts. When that happens, there's almost never anything that can keep the curves from progressing.


08-25-2004, 11:39 AM
Thanks for the infor. As for her growth spurt, it was very small. That is why it is so puzzling. But thank you for letting me know it can change quickly. For right now we are not going with surgery. I'm looking into myofascial release therapy or the Alexander technique for yoga. She doesn't have any pain so i want to see what we can do to keep it from getting worse. If it does and she starts to have pain we can look into surgery down the road. But she is athletic and wants to be able to remain mobile.

03-06-2005, 10:27 PM
If you read the post I posted about how we found out it will let you know. My daughter is almost 13 yrs old.

Mom to Lanna

Mary Lou
03-07-2005, 07:08 AM
My daughter was diagnosed by our family physician at her 12 y.o. check up just a few months before she would have been checked in school.

Mary Lou

03-07-2005, 12:42 PM
Discovered at about age 7 by a family doctor with follow-up and confirmation at the a Childrens Orthopedic Hospital in Seattle, Washington. Progressed gradually until a laminectomy in 1998, at which point it progressed very rapidly until my spinal fusion in November of 2004.

03-09-2005, 03:38 PM
I noticed that my daughter's shoulders were uneven while watching her ride horses. I then researched scoliosis and saw she had significant asymetry with the Adams Bend test. I took her right in to see an orthopedic spine specialist and he xrayed and diagnosed a double curve both in the 30's. She was 11 1/2 years old and had her previous physical 1 1/2 year before and was "cleared" in the exam for scoliosis at that time.

03-19-2005, 08:39 PM
If I remember correctly, my scoliosis was noticed by my ballet teacher when I was age 11. Although my shoulders were (and still are) even, I think that some shoulder blade protrusion was visible even to the non-professional eye because I remember my mom checking me out after the ballet teacher had said something to her, and when I bent over we could both see something wasn't right. (My curve was about 32 degrees at diagnosis.)

green m&m
04-02-2005, 08:28 PM
Mine was first noticed during the school screening at twelve, I never found out what I had, I just knew my spine wasn't stright. For reasons I can't figure out my pcp didn't refer me to an ortho, or.. follow me up yearly.

Soon after my dx, a family friend of ours refered us to her 'great' chiropractor *snort*. That's when I found out I supposly had a 25 degree curve (I have a triple curve now..so I'm guessing the other two are compensatory curves). I was treated by him for a year, had an x-ray taken then, but he never showed it to us. He claimed it was 24 degrees. Now that I think about it, I probably had progressed and he was hiding it. :mad:

blah blah..four years later..at sixteen, I realize..hey, maybe there's a reason why my back is curved. So I started looking stuff up and found out that what I had was scoliosis, that there were treatments for it, and it was alredy too late for me to have non-surgical treatment. I was sixteen then, I spent my weekends at the library reading medical journal archives. I also self-diagonosed myself with a genetic disorder -- My case is compeletly textbook, I cannot believe my doctor didn't notice..or, even think, hmm, maybe I should send her to a specialist. He obviously remembered that I had scoliosis..b/c during my college physical, the last time I saw him, he tapped rather hard on my back and asked if it hurt. I wanted to punch him. Still don't understand why he didn't do anything.

I frequenly think what would have happened if either my pcp or the chiro had refered me to an ortho... While bracing might not have stopped my curve, I never had the option. So these early experiences w/ the medical community has made me an advocate for my own health and a very very picky patient :p It's probably not so good for me to be so picky, but it's my body.... I wrote off the best specialist for my genetic disorder in NYC. I didn't get the raves about him, I thought he was horrible. Thankfully..there are many other doctors I can goto.. :D

Louise Hopkins
04-29-2005, 04:25 PM
I had fallen down my steps and my dr. at that kind had me have an xray on my back but he lied to me and told me something else and this was in 1987. Seven years later my new dr. asked to see that xray and he told me that I have scoliosis. Well I had read the report on my xray and it said that my scoliosis was going to become worse. I was very unhappy for the first dr. not telling me the truth and leaving it to another dr. to finally tell me. When I was in school they didn't check for scoloisos but they checked my kids to see if they had it, my daughter has it. I was beginning to wonder if any dr. was ever going to tell me about having scoliosis. I don't think that it matters at what age you are told about having scoliosis, I looked at my back as being ugly. Now I have stenosis and I think that it's do to having scoliosis. What kind of dr. do I need to see to get some help for it. Regular drs. don't even want to talk about it. Thanks Louise

06-28-2005, 07:53 AM
I was at an allergy specialist who was giving me shots in the back to fine out what I'm allergic to. He must have noticed it looking at my back as I was laying face down because he told me to stand up and bend forward without bending my knees.

While standing in this position he ran his hands on both sides of my spine and then recommended I get x rays done. I did that and that's when I found out officially.

06-28-2005, 10:09 AM
I detected my daughter's scoliosis myself, as her mother.

06-29-2005, 11:28 PM
I found about my scoliosis when I was about 12. My mom was hemming a pair of pants and 1 leg kept measuring shorter than the other. A trip to the doctor confirmed scoliosis. I discovered my son's scoliosis when he was 10, I was hemming a pair of pants and 1 leg kept measuring shorter than the other......had him bend over and noticed rib hump and unevenness in hips just like me :(


07-06-2005, 09:54 PM
i actuali first noticed somethin 'odd' about myself. i remember noticing that one side of my hips was more rounded than the other...and i had more of a feminine curve on one side instead of a full 'hourglass' shape.but i passed it off as merely being 'illshaped'. however,in christmas season 2004 i was doing some shopping and my mom noticed that when i walked i leaned to one side. then...not too long after (or was it before??...i think it was before actuali) a friend of mine who already had scoliosis and had to do surgery for it ran up to me in class sayin ' let me feel ur back...because the other day i was looking at it and i see that ur leaned'...honestly,i kinda thought that she was just saying that because she had it and was being a bit too concerned...but it turns out she was right. anyyway,my mom coudlnt afford to take me to an orthopedic surgeoon during the christmas season...u kno how tight money is at that point...so we ended up going in march.i did the xrays and it turned out i actually had scoliosis...he just diagnosed it because id expected it all along..well...thats my story.

07-16-2005, 08:46 PM
My son had come out of the shower and had only a towel wrapped around him, and I noticed what I thought was a humpback, I was kind of shocked, but those darn baggy clothes the kids wear, he was 14 at the time. I called his father and told him, we are divorced, and he said "oh its nothing". My son was leaving the next day to spend 2 weeks with his father in Kentucky, I asked my ex to just take a look.
My ex-husband had his neighbor, who is a doctor look at him, and he said, that isn't right. So they took him to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, where he was given an exam. The director of the Pediatric Orthopaedic, Dr. Alvin Crawford, had been asked to look over my son's x-rays, by the attending physician. Dr. Crawford then spoke to my ex-husband and told him that our son had a significant kyphosis and he would personally like to take on his case. My son had a 90+ or 98 degrees kyphosis. Dr. Crawford had wanted to do try and straighten his spine by using body casts to try and force it straight and then using a Milwaukee brace. First, I have I have nothing against Dr. Crawford, I have heard nothing but wonderful things about him, I did have one problem with him though, geography. I live in Southern California, there was no way on this earth that my son was going to go through anything without me being there. His father and wife tried to convince him to stay there and go through this, he barely knows her and doesn't see his father that often, let alone she has two young kids she can't even control. After a much heated debate - my son was sent home.
I did alot of research on line the usual checking of doctors licenses, if they had any malpractice suits against them then, I did a google. When I read all these praises I kept finding on a particular doctor, I thought, uhmm, must be good, then the clincher, there was an article about a physician whose daughter needed ortho surgery, they took her to see this doctor and were so impressed by his work, they paid to have their thanks put up on a billboard, this guy was a doctor himself and was so impressed by another. I thought this guy has got to be good.
I found what I believe to be the best ortho surgeon ever. Dr. James Shook at Loma Linda University. When we went to see him, not only did my son and I both fall in love with him, we left there feeling much better. He didn't think after all that painful trying to straighten his spine out with casts and braces, that my son would be much straighter. He explained all our options and gave us his opinions, but he let us make the choice and we opted for surgery. Its been a year and and a half since his surgery, (which is not an easy experience for anybody), but he is 6 foot 3, still growing, and as straight as a titanium rod (my little joke).
Even as much of a hardship it was on my son he does not regret his decision, and he still idolizes Dr. Shook, who is always happy to see us and he takes his time when you're there to answer any and all of your questions. He also gave us his home number when we left the hospital, in case I needed anything, which I am embarrassed to admit, I did use it on some pretty stupid things, well I did not know they were stupid at the time.

07-20-2005, 11:04 PM
Hi! I'm new here so here's my tale. My mother discovered mine at a young age. Her brother-in-law's sister had it and somehow that got mum looking at me. I think she probably had a chat with her sister's mother-in-law. I remember at about age 8 she was always telling me to touch my toes and running her hands down my back. I thought she was nuts to tell the truth. Anyway I ended up going to Sick Kids in Toronto and got a brace which I wore faithfully for a few years but it didn't really do much good. Maybe slowed me down a tad. So when I was 13 I had surgery and its all been fine since. I'm 32 now, 33 in November. :cool:

08-07-2005, 01:46 AM
Oh boy, I missed so many signs. I think the first one was when my daughter was 10. She got a very choppy haircut from a friend whose reply to my complaint was, "Well her shoulders are so uneven" .. nothing registered then.
I never took my kids for yearly well checks because they were ... well! .. which meant that it was never routinely screened for.
Then, for the 6th grade health screenings at school, either my daughter was never checked or else she wasn't checked properly or maybe she wasn't at school that day, but the school screening didn't catch it.
Then another time, when she was at the pediatrician for some other reason (strep throat or something), as an aside, at the end of the appointment, I asked her doctor about what we called her 'curly rib' .. the bottom rib on the left side curved out, almost like a 'flip' hairstyle if you can picture that. Anyway, the doctor dismissed it out of hand, said that everyone is shaped differently and we later found out that kind of rib condition is a direct result of the rotation of the spine. How quick and simple would it have been for the doctor to have her lean over and do a quick check????? We NEVER have gone back to that doctor ... the protruding rib on a young teen girl should have been a red flag to anyone who knows what they're doing.
What finally popped the lightbulb on in my brain was when my daughter was at dance class and wearing a spaghetti-strap tank top (she was 12) and her right shoulder blade was so much more prominent than her left ... bingo ... I thought oh my god, she has scoliosis .. what a long strange trip it's been since then. So I guess my reply to this poll is me; I was the one who first detected it.
She was braced, but was often lax about her time spent wearing it. I also believe her first brace was not effective and by the time a 2nd one was molded, she was pretty much through growing anyway, and curve had progressed from 37 degrees thoracic to 45.
She just had surgery 3 weeks ago, with Dr. White in Phoenix and is taking it day by day. She is 17 now and is having a hard time dealing with being housebound during recovery and is missing her old teenage life very much. I hate to see my sweet child in pain and discomfort, she's been so brave. I love it when I can get a smile or laugh out of her, they are kind of rare right now. I keep telling her that it WILL get better and she WILL be fine, but it's hard for her to be 'patient' .. thanks all for reading my rant. I think all the kind people here are so helpful and encouraging.

Jacque's Mom
08-08-2005, 10:21 AM
I just want to share with you my mothers guilt many years ago when I was detected with scoliosis so perhaps you won't beat yourself up about not detecting it when there were the "signs". In 1968, when I was 12, I complained constantly that my back hurt. At that time scoliosis wasn't even a word, they called it "curvature of the spine" and school screenings were not done, etc. My parents would say, "oh it's growing pains". I would wake up in the middle of the night with pain. This went on for a while, when my mother said she would take to me to the family doctor. To this day, I still can hear the doctor's voice........ one look at my back and he said "oh boy" and then proceeded to show my mother all the unevenness in my back, my leg shorter than the other, my twisted ribs, etc. I will never forget her facial expression in the office. The guilt she felt must have been awful. Unfortuately, I was sent to the most obnoxious doctor who did nothing but send me every six months for x-rays and gave me exercises to do. Needless to say, I suffered all my life with pain on a daily basis and my self esteem was horrific. I never blamed my mother - yes did I feel sorry for myself? Obsolutely! Did I wish my sisters had it instead of me - you bet I did. Thankfully in 1981 at the age of 26 I had the surgery, nine months in a body cast, etc. but was the happiest person in the world. I was 100% pain free, got married the following year, had my amazing daughter in 1986 and prayed daily that she wouldn't have it. Well, she does but I addressed it every time she would go to her doctor. It was in her chart since birth and I would have her bend so I could check her back when she took baths (sometimes too much as I was paranoid she would have it) She actually goes for her yearly check up today with my husband. Her curve is very mild, thank you Lord!, and now she goes every year instead of every four months. I'm still anxious today until I hear from the doctor she is stable. She will be 19 in November So my point after rambling on is PLEASE DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP! My mother passed away before my daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis. I wish I had the chance to talk with her about how she dealt with it. I'm sure the guilt she had was tremendous. You did the absolute right thing by not returning to that doctor. If you feel something isn't right with any doctor, find another one. Unfortunately, my mother didn't, we both hated the doctor I had but years ago you did what they said. Today, you have to be your own doctor so to speak. I ask questions, call, etc. if I feel I didn't understand something or need further explanations. They are human and can make mistakes. Your daughter will be fine. It take a while to recover but she is so young and her spirit will return. Just keep by her side and get that smile out of her that makes you so happy. She will be smiling more and more each day and for the rest of her life as a result of your TLC. Hang in there, you will all get this with great results. Regards, LYNN

08-27-2005, 11:01 PM
Dear Lynn, (Jacque's Mom),
It's been a while since we posted those threads, but I wanted to say thank you. You sound like me! I too was 26 in 1981 and wished bad things on my 3 sisters when I was young. I will probably always beat myself up about not noticing the 'signs' but I jokingly tell my husband, it was his gene pool that sullied mine, as his aunt has severe scoliosis (another missed sign!!).
I guess the best we can do is share information and talk to others about it. I know my sweet girl does not blame me or anyone for her condition, she just wants to get back in the swing of things!
She is 6 weeks post op as of yesterday (Friday August 26) and she's back at school (senior in high school, only half days thank goodness) and wearing a new wardrobe until she gains back the 15 pounds she lost.
Thanks for the encouragement, it is sincerely appreciated.

08-28-2005, 12:43 PM
One of my daughter's friends was diagnosed, and it got me thinking, so I had my husband examine my spine--lo and behold, s-curve! Went to an ortho for x-rays which confirmed a 12 degree scoliosis. My mother was told, when I was quite young, that one of my hips was higher than the other, but nothing further was done. I subsequently had four daughters in 6 years (all by c-section, which raises another question--how many scoli patients need c-sections?) That was pre-diagnosis, and with my second, the anesthesiologist tried ten times, but could not give me a spinal block. I haven't been seen for my scoli since I was 32, but I probably have more curvature due to hauling around babies for so many years--I do know that I have more pain. At around age 50, I was diagnosed with C-spine lordosis, I don't know to what degree, but my x-ray looked like the neck you pull out of the turkey for Thanksgiving! I received some PT at that time, which helped some, but insurance limits visits, so what do you do? That's my story.

03-21-2006, 01:25 PM
I had lower back pain which gradually got worse, I was then taken to the doctors a year later and had an x-ray.

03-25-2006, 11:53 PM
Mine is quite funny. In year 7 we had scoliosis check ups. I was too embarrassed to go in my underwear in front of everyone so I forged a note from my mum saying that I already had it done. I thought it was a waste of time and that it would never happen to me. 2 Years later while I was at gym my trainer noticed my back was extremely uneven so I went to my doctor. He said it looks like it had been there for quite a few years. If I would have gone to the check ups I could have gotten a brace and avoided 2 surgeries…

07-11-2006, 07:40 PM
I have a congenital heart defect (tetrology of fallot) and my cardiologist actually diagnosed me.

My youngest son had infantile scoliosis and i diagnosed it, the pediatrician thought i was nuts at he was a year old but he sent us to an orthopedipec surgeon to get it checked out. He looks like he has outgrown it.

I will admit before i had my surgeries i used to get in line for the scoliosis screenings in Jr. High. The screeners were all parent volunteers and boy did i freak them out LOL But for some reason i was the only one who thought it was funny LOL

always smilin'
07-11-2006, 09:16 PM
My scoliosis was detected when I went in for X-Rays for pneumonia at an ER (by a doc I'd never seen).

I have my pediatrician check my kids every year - which surprised me because he really is a TOP RATE ped - but checking kids for scoliosis is not routine for him! My school district (the one I teach for now) also stopped screening as they didn't feel the pay-off was good enough. (One of my former students was just diagnosed with a 40 degree curvature - she was discovered by one of her friends when she bent over a water fountain to get a drink!)

I pray my kids don't go through what I went through!
Always Smilin'

07-11-2006, 09:36 PM
i discovered my own
i knoticed that my hips were uneven in the mirror and then afer 2 braces 5 or so docters im here.lol :p

07-27-2006, 10:49 AM
Mine was detected in 8th grade during a school sports screening. The town doctor who performed all of the physicals said it was slight and there was no need to look into it further and he said the same thing for the enxt 4 years. I come from a blue collar family who did not go to doctors unless absolutely necessary and when they did, they listened to doctor's orders without question. 4 years later when I went for my college entrance physical, the doctor's son, who was now the town doctor, asked my parents why they had had not done anything about my back. He sent me to an orthopedic or looked at my x-ray and said that he had never seen a spine so bad (curves were between 55-65 degrees each) and that my options were surgery or a brace. As a freshman in college, I knew neither was an option for me and that I was not letting someone touch my back who said that he had never seen a spine so bad. I felt great and did not have pain, so I let it go and never went back to another doctor about it. After college I started getting regular yearly physicals and at 29 yrs. of age, my GP noticed I was losing height. He sent me to a woman's bone specialist who sent me to the ortho who performed my surgery. My curves at the time of surgery were 75 degrees each.

PLEASE get your kids screened & checked regularly if there is even a slight curve detected and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

07-31-2006, 06:13 AM
The first time I was diagnosed w/scoliosis was at the age of 12 when I went in for a chest x-ray because of a severe asthma attack. (They thought I had pnuemonia) The degree at the time for the thoracic curvature was 14%.

08-14-2006, 04:14 PM
Mine was during the check at school when I was in 4th grade. They noticed it and sent me to my doc and then the process went from there............

09-16-2006, 09:15 AM
Mine was found at the school physical when I was 6. My mum has it pretty bad and my dad has it just a little. now my brother and sister have it 2.

09-18-2006, 06:26 AM
My mother noticed that there was something wrong with my back when I was 4 months old. Our GP referred me to a specialist immediately and I was diagnosed with idiopathic infantile scoliosis, with curves of 62 degrees (thoracic) and 40 degrees (lumbar) at 6 months old.

from oz
09-18-2006, 06:31 AM
Hi, i am just new to the forum (hope i am posting this in the right place still finding my way...). My 11 yo daughter was diagnosed by a physiotherapist as she hurt her tailbone in the school holidays. She picked it up straight away as her right shoulder blade really pokes out. funny how we never saw it but now that is all i can see. The journey begins...

09-20-2006, 06:49 AM
Mine was found during screeening for a sports physical at school over 30 years ago. I found both of my daughters' curves, because my doctor had trained me (I was part of his screening class to teach school nurses and PE teachers right after my surgery. He showed them what my body cast looked like and let them ask me questions.)

09-22-2006, 03:58 PM
Mine was first discovered when I was about 11 in a routine physical with my pediatrician. He then recommended I see a pediatric orthopedist. :rolleyes:

10-07-2006, 12:23 AM
my mom was born (in 1929) w/scoliosis. in 1931 when she was 2 years old, she remembered (as she'd told me when i was younger, i'm 48 now) that her spine (on the X-ray) looked like a letter "Z". that's how bad HERS was waaaaaay back then, so, thru her ordeal, wearing the brace from age 2 - age 18, yes, i said 16 years wearing a brace, ONLY allowed out of it ONE HOUR a day. she's my hero with that! her spine is so straight now, to the untrained eye that is. i can see her holding her right shoulder blade in, but she PROBABLY ONLY has about a 3 - 4 degree curve on the top & bottom, nothing to write home about so to speak. well, being that she was so well trained, when my sis was born, she was fine, but when i was 7 months old, my mom noticed my teeny tiny little right shouder blade sticking out some, so, she took me too my pediatrician and he said, 'we'll keep watch on her' and they did. we were recommended to see an orthopedist named dr. koven. if i remember correctly, i'd been seeing him since i was 7 or so...every 6 months for x-rays.. (and i STILL do NOT GLOW! LOL) i'm sure he's dead now, he was old then, anyway...fast forward to me being about 12 1/2 years old. for the longest time (approx a year at this point in time) each time we'd go to dr. koven, every six months for x-rays, my mom kept saying, "her spine looks worse! it just looks worse to me!" he always said, 'no no, she's fine, it's ok" well...this particular day after the last day of school, we (my mom, my sis & i) were in the the changing room of a department store, buying our summer clothes/bathing suits for that coming summer, (the summer prior to my 13th birthday). for the most part of my adolescent life, i was ALWAYS "don't look at my body" (even if i was in my undies, to my mom, i was just always very embarrased.. so... my mom FINALLY got to see what i looked like being that i had tried on my very FIRST 2 piece bathing suit. well, when my mom saw me, i swear, she turned white as a sheet, fell back on the wall and slid down ALL the way to the floor and was in HYSTERICS! i had no idea what was wrong! she started SCREAMING!! (honest to GOD this is no joke!) the sales lady came RUNNING in and was trying to help, got my mom a glass of water and my mom SCREAMING (asked) to use the phone to call my orthopedist. (dr. koven, a few blocks away from where we were in the store, in downtown brooklyn) well, my mom got on the phone with him and was YELLING at him in the middle of the store!! i had NO CLUE (so far) as to WHAT her problem was! my sis and i were in shock about the whole thing! my mom came BACK to my sis & me in the changing area, showed my my back in the mirror (my sis saw as well) and from what I was able to see, my right hip was up, i had this HUUUUUGE hump by my right shoulder blade and the right heel of my right foot was NOT touching the floor. (see, in those days, i'd hold my heavy school books in my left arm and i had leaned into the curve, not even knowing it (i had a massive backwards "S" curve, 48/47 degrees top & bottom we found out later on). (we were all VERY upset because of my back & the doctor not telling us) we went to my doctors office and my mom proceeded to YELL at him IN the waiting room at the TOP of her lungs! (she was VERY good at that! LOL!) he DID have other patients there but she didn't give a royal 'crap' so to speak. anyway, he let her go into the back to 'quetly' talk with him, but we all heard her in the waiting room. long story short now, his secretary/nurse told us that he was using MY X-RAYS to show
hi students: "THIS IS PROGRESSIVE SCOLIOSIS" WITHOUT TELLING US! so, instead of threating to sue him, my mom IMMEDIATELY grabbed us both (me & my sis) and we went home and my mom was FURIOUSLY going thru the phone book, yellow pages under orthopedist, 1 phone call to a doc led to another phone call to a doc and then we were so blessed to see dr. hubert perlman who led us to the top scoliosis doc in the field in the NYC area at that time, dr.hugo keim. he IMMEDIATELY put me in the milwaukee brace, it was about a month prior to my 13th birthday in fact. (i had grown 4 inches in 6 months when i turned 12 the prior year and it was THEN that my scoliosis just "POPPED" out. that's when my mom started to say to the doc that she'd noticed it'd gotten worse but he wasn't telling us that it was, so...) the 1st year, dr. keim let me out of the brace only ONE hour a day, the next year, 2 hours a day, next year 3 hours a day, next year 5 hours a day, buuuuuuut.. i'd worn the brace for 4 1/2 years but because mine was 'progressive' scoliosis i had to have the surgery. dr. keim explained that even if i didn't 'cheat' and spend MORE time out of it than i should have, i'd STILL have to have the surgery. even if i was ONLY allowed out of the brace ONE hour a day and i never cheated, i'd STILL have to have the surgery. i wasn't 'blessed' with NON progressive scoliosis like my mom. she's going to be 77 in a few weeks and her spine looks beautiful! so straight! well, my doc explained that with the progressive scoliosis, eventually my spine would crush my heart & lungs and i would die. so, i had the surgery and my spine (at the time of surgery was 47/48 degree curves) is now COMPLETELY straight! they put me in a 'pre cast' for 3 days prior to my surgery and it was during that time that the tissue around my spine got 'soft' and my spine was was about to be straightened during the insertion of the harrington rod. down the WHOLE LENGTH of my spine. yes, for those of you who have had the surgeries in recent years, you can probably, on the most part, bend your torso, me, no way, not since december 1/1975, but if that is the ONLY thing that i am missing, then i don't care. i'm alive! my spine is straight! so, one breast is bigger due to the thorasic rib cage damage! i don't care! my husband still loves me whether i have 1 abnormally larger breast than the other! LOL! those are the ONLY 'drawbacks' that i have! i KNOW that God will punish (or already has) dr. koven for his evil deeds. i know, at the time, all my mom could think about was getting me the best care. i am so thankful to her for that. i'm alive to tell the tale... God bless you all.. healing prayers...
:) stasi (pronounced 'stacey') abramson

10-07-2006, 09:42 PM
Thanks for sharing your story. My scoliosis was not discovered until I was 13 and almost ready to start high school and only because I complained of shoulder pain. My regular dr. took an x-ray and it showed the curve. He referred me to an orthopedist who put me into a Milwaukee brace for a couple years. They did not do surgery that much back then. I'm surprised that they even did it for you in 1975. I am one year younger than you.

Once I quit growing, they told me that the brace was no longer necessary. No one told me that my scoliosis was progressive and should be watched. I went into adulthood, got married, had children--always had episodes of back pain but managed it with chiropractic, exercises, massage, etc. THen in 2000 I began having more chronic pain and went to a "supposed" scoliosis expert. At that time, my double curves were both 65. The expert told me that my curves were "balanced" and he couldn't see anything causing me pain and sent me to physical therapy.

I went another 4 years this way, thinking that I still wasn't a surgery candidate, but began to see progression in my own body of the curves and could feel them getting worse. I developed chronic pain which disabled me from working. Finally, after "begging" my primary care dr. and a physiatrist, I was referred to an orthopedic who did scoliosis surgery. He couldn't believe that I hadn't been followed up with. By the time I had my surgery this year, my curves were 70 and 76 degrees. I know that there are many other women with this same story on this forum board.

How are you doing now with your Harrington rod? Are you in pain or doing ok yet. There are many on here with that "flat back syndrome" that are having their surgeries like yours re-done, so if you are doing well, that is great. You definitely had the right mother who understood about scoliosis and demanded good care for you. Mine did not understand it and still couldn't understand why it was getting worse and I had to have surgery at the age of 47.

posterior surgery 7/24/06
for T70,L76 S curve
30 degrees correction

10-07-2006, 10:48 PM
hi deb! nice to meet you first & foremost! i'm stasi (pronounced 'stacey' but MINE is spelled correctly! AAAHAHAHAHA!!! seriously though, it really is!! it comes from the name Anastasia, but on MY birth certificate it says 'stasi ellen' LOL! sorry, i HAD to share that with you! i found out when i was pregnant with my son who in january will be 26, that my name was spelled correctly, after looking in a baby book! LOL!!! that's the 'nutshell' version! LOL!) anyway, if you want, you can e-mail me at my main e-mail : tersieface2@aol.com. i'd love to 'tawk' (<---my brooklyn accent for you)
ok, 'nuff of the 'sillies' as i am 24 hours a day.. seriously though, i am SO SORRY that you had to suffer so much your whole life with such pain and such degrees of curvature! i am astonished that NO DOCTOR, even if your mom didn't know that much about scoliosis, SOME doctor should have done SOMETHING to help you when you were a kid! i am just amazed! i am so thankful, after SO MANY years you FINALLY the help to save your life! yes, that's how serious is is/was. healing prayers for you my new friend.
re: my back, honestly, in my WHOLE YOUNGER life i NEVER had ANY pain w/my back & my degrees of curves were approx 48/47 @ the time of my surgery... i'm amazed at that too after reading postings from so many that DID have pain in their back & that's what promted their folks/themselves to have their backs checked. i was lucky (actually blessed, to me, it's not luck, it's blessings from God :D ) anyway, the ONLY time i actually DID have pain in my LOWER back that is, was when i gained a 'GAZILLION' pounds in my adult life (the only reason is stupidity, i admit that freely.. too long to 'splain, but thank GOD for therapy! ;) LOL!) after having my scoliosis surgery, 9 months & 4 days later, i had my torso cast removed (yes, it covered my COMPLETE torso, it was like wearing a plaster sleeveless turtle neck that went past my hips with a diamond shape cut out so when i ate my stomach could expand a bit! you should have seen my tan diamond shaped tummy when i got my cast off! i would walk around, in the sumer, not every day mind you, with no blouse AND at the beach wear ONLY my bathing suit bottom! LOL!!.. of course i could ONLY get up to my knees wet though.. being a 'mermaid' it was SO HARD NOT do 'dive' in the surf! LOL!
i laugh now but then, oy vey! LOL!) anyway, the day i had the cast removed and (after being in the shower for LITERALLY THREE HOURS) dr. keim said to me, a warning (now, i must tell you, it was 2 days till my 18th birthday and i am tall, 5' 9 1/4" and at that time, i weighed MAYBE 125-130 lbs. so, if you turned me sideways, you couldn't 'see' me! LOL!) anyway, he said, "a warning, NEVER GAIN WEIGHT or you will have back problems!" but did i listen? no. during 'stupid' times in my adult life, because of stupidity and 'stuff' i was going thru (like my 1st husband coming out of the closet during our marriage, yes, you read that correctly) i 'protected' myself with fat. i gained weight during my 1 and only pregnancy, when i 1st got pregnant, i was approx 175, then, went down ('cause of morning sickness) to 145, then ballooned up to, the day before my son was born, 192 lbs and each well baby check of his after that ('cause i'd check my weight at the doc's office each time) my weight kept going up & up etc... so, by the time my son was 7, i weighed approx 370-375. don't fall off your seat now! well, long story short, a few years ago i had a gastric bypass, because at that time,my doc said, "if you don't have this surgery, you might NOT live to see 50!" and i just turned 48 in early sept/06. well, nov. 13th will be 3 years! woo hoo! and i've lost ONE HUNDRED pounds! YAY! at the time of surgery i was 288, i'm working on losing more too, just need to get back to swimming! it's the ONLY excercize for me, besides bike riding. pretty much because every time i'd try to work out at the gym i'd pull a muscle! LOL!!! to me, the only drawback that i have re: the harrington rod down the whole length of my spine is #1, i can't bend my torso! LOL!! plus, i have weak tummy muscles but someday i'll work on getting them stronger, i've got time... LOL! but i'd MUCH rather swim anyway! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! anyway deb, i'm keeping you, and EVERYONE else, in my prayers... healing prayers for all.. God bless & love, stasi
p.s. addendum to my above 'novella' (LOL!) after my gastric bypass surgery the 1st month i'd lost 30 lbs (i was on a liquid diet of broth, sugar free jello & tons of water) and my back felt SO MUCH BETTER ONLY after a 30 lb weight loss! amazing!

10-07-2006, 10:52 PM
My Scoliosis was detected actually by my mom. She saw some curvature in my spine and saw that one of my hips was higher than the other as well as by a doctor.

10-08-2006, 12:10 PM
wow, i'm glad your mom detected it on you too! i know i have been so blessed to have my mom have that keen eye to know what to look for. going thru what i went thru with scoliosis sure has helped me look for, in my son, my nephew & tell other family & friends about what to look for. my son (will be 26 in jan/06) doesn't have it (thank God) and HIS son (almost 2 the end of october) doesnt either, thank God again! my nephew, just recently turned 20 doesn't have it either. my sis, my nephew's mom, doesn't have it either. thank GOD too! my best friend (since kindergarten) found out a few years ago that her dad has it, and recently her 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with it. her dad is in bad shape but he's approx 77 and DOES have doctors but his is so far gone now, unfortunatly they cought it too late. her daughter, however, is fine, but has SOME degree of curvature, under 20 degrees (top & bottom) but they ARE keeping watch on her. she's been a gymnast since she was a toddler too so thank God for all that flexibility & excercize! (<--she's very good too! & is now teaching toddlers gymnastics!) her son, recently 13, doesn't have it. whew! in anycase, she knows what i went thru and knows the detrimental health risks when NOT taken care of. so, no worries there. u know, when i was a kid, it was quite rare to HAVE scoliosis, now, it's just pretty much EVERYwhere! in anycase, i pray for healing for all! if you want to e-mail me, please, feel free... i'm stasi (pronounced 'stacey' but MINE is spelled correctly.. AAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!) i'm at: tersieface2@aol.com
God bless to all,

10-10-2006, 03:12 AM
It was my also my mother that noticed something was wrong. All through elementary school, she made all of our clothes. Around about the age of 12, she noticed that when she pinned the hem on me, then layed it down to sew it, it was never even. At first they thought it was because I had one leg slightly shorter than the other, and soon after that the scoliosis was discovered. That was in 1972.


10-12-2006, 10:16 AM
I discovered that I had it six years ago at a school screening. Every year I was tested at my school but it wasn't until we moved and my new school's screening caught it. I knew something was wrong when the doctor spent more time on me than all the other girls. Five months later I had the surgery and I am so grateful that I got it over and done with.

04-22-2008, 05:51 PM
well, i'm val. my scoliosis wuz 1st found out in actually 2 ways... i'll explain.
1st of all, i'm a volleyball player and i luv it along w/ sk8ing and singing. i wuz playin my 2nd game and my mom's the coach's helper so we wore game jerseys w/no sleeves. my mom noticed that day and mentioned it 2 my grandma. then, about 1 month l8er, i went bra shopping. i know i'm shy 2 tell this..... anyway, my grandma heard my tears and said "u okay?" i told her no i wuzn't cause i noticed somethin about me wuzn't right. she told me bout it before, but i thought she wuz full of bull crap. (plz pardon my language) anyway, i wen't 2 get an x-ray and there it wuz, i had scoliosis and wuz put in a boston brace. i have never felt so miserable in my whole entire lifetime. (even tho i'm only 11, lol) but i know that God is just testin me 2 c how much i trust in Him, and i know that He'll guide me thro it. i pray 2 Him everyday also, and i know He luvs 2 hear from me, so i talk 2 Him WHENEVER I HAVE A CHANCE IN THE DAY ALL BY MYSELF. we should ALWAYS SET ASIDE TIME 4 GOD SINCE HE'S SO MERCIFUL 2 US!!! and that's my story. i'll be prayin 4 all of u who have scoliosis and plz pray 4 me 2! thx again!

04-22-2008, 08:07 PM
well, val, 1st let me tell you, you are the COOLEST 11 year old i've ever 'met!' God bless you & i too, 'tawk' (<--my brooklyn, new 'yawk' accent for ya! LOL!) to God at LEAST a few times a day and i pray for everyone as well, you GO girl! :D :) ;)
i am so happy for you that you DO have God in your heart & in your life!! He IS the most wonderful! quick synopsis here-->i was raised in a jewish family and i was led to accept Jesus as my Saviour in 1980 (when i was not quite 22) and so now, i often say, in a joking but loving way, "i'm a complete jew 'cause i have Jesus as my Saviour! WHOO HOO!" (yeah, i can't say it without 'whoo hoo-ing' either... LOL!!!)
ok, here's the 'scoop' on how & when my backwards double "S" curve was 1st detected... are you ready? are you sitting? i was 7 months old and my mom who had worn a brace for the very same thing from the young age of 2 years old to the 'old' age of 18 (yes, you DID read that correctly, she DID wear HER brace (starting in 1931) for SIXTEEN YEEEEEEEEEEEARS!!!) OK, 'nuff o'that.. seriously tho, when my sis was born, 2 years & 8 months before me, my mom knew that she didn't have it, but, when i was 7 months, i was unable to sit up properly, and usually babies that age can sit up with NO help at all... so... as my mom told me, my teeny tiny right shoulder blade was 'sticking out' more than usual, so, she knew i had it. she'd taken me to an orthopedic specialist from the age of 6 years old and now... well, i'm going to be 50 this september (and 'BLEEPING' EXCITED about it too! LOL!) and my back is COMPLETELY straight! YEAH BABY! YEAH! (sorry, i'm an 'austin powers' fan... heeheehee) i wore the milwaukee brace from age almost 13 to almost 17 1/2 when my backwards "S" curves were a bit under 50 degrees each but my doc KNEW i had to have the life saving surgery. so, he did it, and i'm thankful to God that i am quite alive and thank GOD again, respectively healthy, even tho i had a gastric bypass almost 5 years ago which is another 'epic' in itself, but i'm healthier than i have been in a LONNNNNNNNNG time and OOOOOOOOOOH so thankful to God for EVERYTHING in my life, even when some not so fun things happen, we must give thanks to Him for everything... so, as you said, please keep everyone in your prayers and share His love! WHOO HOOO!!! you can e-mail me directly at: tersieface2@aol.com... oh, sorry, i forgot to tell you, my name is stasi (pronounced 'stacy' but MINE is spelled correctly.. AAAAAAHAHAHHAHA!!!) must run.. keep staying healthy and enjoy your sports!! i'm a 'mermaid' of sorts and i sing too!! LAAAAA and/or do re mi... ;) seriously, i've been singing with my sister since BEFORE i was born. i was sining with her echo in my mom's womb... LOL!!! gotta run.. keep in touch!
God bless & love,
stasi :D

04-23-2008, 11:36 AM
A few weeks after my son turned 11 I noticed his hips were uneven. I think I had actually noticed it several months before, but it took a while to surface to my concious awareness. When I asked him to straighten them and he couldn't, I took him to my chiropractor, who ordered an x-ray and immediately referred us to a ped. ortho., who is also a surgeon. Six months later he was in a Boston brace, which did not stop progression. Feeling we had nothing to lose, we switched to a SpineCor brace. His curve has continued to progress, and now, 18 months later, he is definitely in surgery territory. However, we are going to try one last intensive physiotherapy/chiropractic treatment an an effort to decrease the curve and delay surgery as long as possible. We estimate he has about a foot left to grow. He is 3 months shy of his 13th birthday. It is frightening and sad.

By the way, his school does not screen for scoliosis.

04-23-2008, 01:06 PM
i'm stasi (pronounced 'stacey' but MINE is spelled correctly LOL!) i am keeping your son in my prayers, i know EXACTLY what he is going thru with the exception that i had MY scoliosis surgery at the age of 17. i started to wear my 'milwaukee brace' a month prior to my 13th birthday. i wore it for almost 4 1/2 years before my doc said, "surgery" to me, but it WAS to save my life and i knew that then and i'm so grateful. i KNOW it's so scary, but i also know, since I had MY surgery (12/1/75) there have been MAAAAAAAAJOR improvements. keep being there for him which i'm SURE you (& the rest of your family & friends are and have been) and he'll get through it all just fine.. you can tell him, if he wants, to e-mail me if he wants to 'tawk' (<--my brooklyn accent for ya. LOL!) my e-mail is: tersieface2@aol.com
in fact, a few years ago, after "EONS" of not being in touch with my FANTASTIC scoliosis orthopedist/surgeon (dr. hugo keim, the TOP DOC in the scoliosis field when i was a kid) i 'FOUND" him again online and i PROPERLY thanked him for saving my life. all these years i felt that i never properly thanked him. he had told me, at the time that he knew i'd needed surgery, "do you want to live? or do you want to die?" so, obviously i chose correct, "i want to live" so.. he explained, my backwards "S" curved spine would eventually crush my heart & lungs and i would die if i did NOT have the surgery. i had progressive scoliosis, so, no matter HOW long and HOW many hours a day i was in the brace, it just was NOT getting better, it just kept getting worse. both my curves were just a bit below 50 degrees so... long story short, my spine is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO(etc..) straight and i'm ALIVE!! YEAH BABY!!! ok, i'm calm now... LOL! seriously, i made the right choice no matter HOW scared i was. but seriously again, i KNEW i was going to be ok because i was in God's Hands... :) :D
ok, now i must go... 'stuff' to do before the day is thru.. you can e-mail me too, please keep me informed how your son is doing! healing prayers for everyone!
hope to hear from you soon...
God bless,

04-23-2008, 04:01 PM
hi stasi! :) thx 4 tellin me that interestin story... mine wuz very sad the 1st time i went 2 the doctor and he said YEP, U GOT IT THE X-RAY SHOWS. i wuz so upset!!! anywho, (lol) my mom said that God is w/me and always will be! i know she's right 2 cause it says so in tha B-I-B-L-E sista! YAH!!! and i know that He luvs me and will ALWAYS be there. all u have 2 do is say, LORD INEED UR HELP, PLZ HELP ME! and He WILL be there w/u EVERY SINGLE STEP of the way. :) isn't that gr8? (oh by the way, i wuz also saved at the age of 6, yah, 6!!! young age i know, but i understood and wuz ready! i wuz at my grandma's house 2!!!) anyway, TTYL! -val :p

04-23-2008, 04:37 PM
hi val!! you are an amazing young lady! keep that wonderful spirit alive and pass His Love around! sharing God's Love is such a gift! WHOO HOO!!
re: you first finding out about your scoliosis: ya know, i can NOT remember a time in my life when i was NOT aware of it. i guess it's 'cause my mom noticed it on me when i was so young (7 months) that i just grew up with it. in fact, when I was 6 was the very FIRST time i went to see an orthopedist for it! he would see me EVERY SIX MONTHS and take x-rays! it's amazing that i am NOT GLOWING! AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! <--sorry, i could NOT HELP that! LOL!!! (i laugh at ME whenever i get the chance, but not at others :D )
i am so happy to know that you were saved at such a young and wonderful age! i however, was raised in a jewish family but God led me to accept Jesus as my Saviour when i ws 20! so, my ongoing joke is, "i'm a COMPLETE JEW 'cause i have Jesus as my Saviour! WHOO HOO!!" (yeah, i know, i'm pathetic :o , i can NOT SAY that withOUT 'whoo hoo-ing!' LOL!!!)
sorry but i must go start dinner! the love of my life, my sweet neal, my sweet husband will be home soon and OOOH i must make the chicken!!!! LOL!! he loves my cooking!! it's yum-a-licious!' LOL!!
stay well & keep doing great in school and keep having that WONDERFUL attitude (by God's Grace) that you have... we'll 'tawk' again...
God bless & love,
stasi :) (<--mean's 'stasiface')

04-23-2008, 04:50 PM
hey stasi! u rock! i must officially say! don't worry, 'i laugh out loud ' alot 2! i just can't help it either. don't worry- i will keep the positive attitude up. i know that God is happy with it, even tho i do whine a little sometimes. (lol) anyway, have a good dinner. :) -val

07-12-2008, 01:31 PM
I know I'm probably late in posting in this thread but I was diagnosed with scoliosis after falling down the stairs and going to my GP because I thought I had hurt myself, she made me do the bending forward test and found the curve. It was quite an early detection when I was about 10 or 11 (I'm 19 now) I just wish they the hospital I was refered to would have done something to stop my curves from worsening like with a brace or something because I had surgery in the end. There was talk of a brace but I just don't know why it never happened. All I ever got was physiotherapy and the Ortho Dr was baffled as to why my scoliosis curves were getting worse even though I'd stopped growing.

07-18-2008, 01:51 PM
I'm a little late to the thread as well, but my mother originally saw something was wrong although she wasn't sure what. This happened shortly after I was born. My mother had worked with handicapped children and just knew something wasn't right. After a few visits they took a few xrays and saw that my spine was deformed, all of my vertebrea were different shapes, my ribs were not normal either. From this the doctors said I would never be able to walk, I'd be severely mentally handicapped and the odds of me being able to speak, hear or see were not good. Well, they were wrong. :p

Granted this was way back in 1970, so don't get nervous it'll happen today. :D


07-18-2008, 02:48 PM
wow brad! God bless you! i know things were 'weird' way back then... i was 7 months old (in april of 1959) when my mom notices my 'teeny weeny right shoulder blade' sticking out and i was unable (at that age) to sit up properly. i am so thankful to God that she DID know what to look for ('cause of all HER years of wearing the brace, starting from age 2 in 1931 to age 18 in 1947). we (you and i) and others were so blessed to have it 'caught' at such an early age. how are you doing now? howz your spine? what's what with it? sorry, being 'nosey' here, seriously tho, just very concerned. my spine (but you probably remembered from reading all my 'babbling' <--LOL) was like a backwards letter "S" and the degrees were approx 48 +47 or there abouts.. i KNOW they were both quite close to 50 degrees each but just a tad under. (either 47 on both or 48 on both.. it's been so long, thank GOD!) i was in the brace from age 12 3/4 actually to age 17 when i had my surgery. they put the 'harrington' rod down the whole length of my spine but prior to, the 'weekend' before, i was in a cast the whole length of my torso, and in that dime, the 'tissue' around my spine softened and that's how they were able to 'mold' my spine straight THEN put the rod... so, i'm pretty much straight as possible, no curve, nothing, BUT, am quite UNABLE to EVER bend my torso since december 1st, 1975 (the day of surgery, NOT counting the few days prior). for me, it's not even a toss up. it was either live or die for me (at that time, to quote my doc) and i chose life. so i can't bend my torso, so what, i have the BEST POSTURE EVER! LOL!!! i'm STILL complimented on how great my posture is! (weird but true! LOL!) i will be 50 come this september so it's been a lonnnnnnnnnnng time, thank GOD! LOL!
anyway, keep in touch! keep healthy! stay blessed!
God bless,
stasi :) (<--means 'stasiface' my nickname (from my sis) since BEFORE i was one year old! LOL!)
you can write to me at: tersieface2@aol.com if you want!
have a GREAT summer everyone!!!!! (i mean, everyone who is reading this.. duh on my part... LOL!

07-18-2008, 03:26 PM
Statsi :)

Thank you for you post! Things sure were different weren't they? I have two Luque rods in my spine. (you can see my xrays in my sig) I am sure glad my mother caught it right away, even though I am the only one in our family with scoliosis, on both sides. Apparently at the time my mother was pregnant they were spraying for mosquitos and a number of babies born at the time came out with some things 'wrong'.

When I was born I had jaundice and had to have a blood transfusion. I was in the hospital for several weeks before I was allowed to come home, and the night I did come home was a huge thunderstorm. I tell my mom she should have seen that as a sign of how my childhood would be. :D (I have to admit I was a tiny bit mischevious) :)

(As a side note, my mother said my heels looked like raw hamburger when I came home as that was where they would draw bood to see how I was doing. To this day I hate needles with a passion. I can't even see one on a move, I have to turn away. I fully beleive that is from those days just after I was born.)

I think it was around the 6 month period where my mother noticed something, although I'd have to ask her again to make sure. I started wearing a brace at the age of 2, until the age of 12, when I had my surgery. My curve had gotten so bad that they decided I had to have the surgery before puberty. I was already at 110 degrees at the neck, they did not want to see what a growth spurt would do to that. heh Basically Dr Bradfor, who did my suregery' said that if I did not have the operation I would most likely die around 21 or even sooner. We elected to go ahead with the surgery. :D

I've still got a curve at about 57 degrees which is really no big deal considering how bad it was before. I am having problems now with nerve pinching. I haven't been able to work since January of this year. My right leg goes numb if I stand too long, walk too long or sit too long. I mean its always a bit numb and tingly, it just gets worse the longer I do something. Its also been starting on my left leg now too. Last weekend my entire right side started going numb and tingly. And since then my right side has been a constant tingle. So its getting worse, even without working.

I've finally had xrays done, after 6 months of asking for them, and it looks like I have approval to see a scoliosis doctor. The DR who did my surgery is close by, and he is also involved in disc replacement. I've sent a letter to him to see if I would qualify to get in on the trials of that, as I'm pretty sure that my problem is disc degeneration below my rods. He should have my letter today, so I am hoping to hear back from him soon.

So that is my story so far. Its updating though. lol

I'm glad to hear things have gone well for you. Us oldsters, and by that I mean age of surgery not age of us (I'm 37), have a completely different experience than others here in some ways. I mean it amazes me how quickly people are up and around, how the surgery is performed, etc... Almost every day I come here I hear something new that shocks me. lol I'm just glad things have changed for the better.

Posture. LOL Yeah I've been complimented on my posture before too. I just say 'I can't help it'. I'd love to be able to get a good slouch on at times, I just can't! :D

You may have noticed I like to blabber too. lol These forums are great and the people I have talked to have been very nice and helpful. It really is something to be able to talk to people who understand what you are going through. I'm finding it very cleansing in a way, like every time I write a little weight gets taken away.


07-18-2008, 03:59 PM
You may have noticed I like to blabber too. lol These forums are great and the people I have talked to have been very nice and helpful. It really is something to be able to talk to people who understand what you are going through. I'm finding it very cleansing in a way, like every time I write a little weight gets taken away.

Just couldn't resist after I read this, it had me laughing so hard... I sure wish what I highlighted in your quote was really true! ;) I would have lost tons by now and wouldn't have to diet any more. :rolleyes: Hahahaha! :D

I'm adding this later... just got done doing dishes (and who was that who said they did a lot of thinking while dish-washing???) and thought you might take that wrong, Brad. Hope you didn't-- I wasn't making light of your insightful comment on how sharing eases our own burdens... I just struggle so much with weight-- and so when I read that (and knowing HOW MUCH I POST :eek: ) I couldn't help but laugh and think, if ONLY that were true, literally. So it's just my odd sense of humor showing up... :rolleyes:

07-18-2008, 05:51 PM
Just couldn't resist after I read this, it had me laughing so hard... I sure wish what I highlighted in your quote was really true! ;) I would have lost tons by now and wouldn't have to diet any more. :rolleyes: Hahahaha! :D

I'm adding this later... just got done doing dishes (and who was that who said they did a lot of thinking while dish-washing???) and thought you might take that wrong, Brad. Hope you didn't-- I wasn't making light of your insightful comment on how sharing eases our own burdens... I just struggle so much with weight-- and so when I read that (and knowing HOW MUCH I POST :eek: ) I couldn't help but laugh and think, if ONLY that were true, literally. So it's just my odd sense of humor showing up... :rolleyes:


I would love it if that were true as well! I've been putting on the pounds since I haven't been working. I'm close to 170 now, and I'm only 5'6"!! Its all in this belly too. *sigh* I'd be happy at 140-150. I should be at least getting on the elipticle we have, but its really annoying my leg when I do it, so....

Have you seen the 'Slim Quick' commercials?


My wife laughs so hard at these commercials.


08-12-2008, 11:10 AM
i couldn't help but cracking up at that! my parents say the same thing, and they are as skinny as a toothpick! (seriously. lol) i just think that that's so funny. i always thought i had fat cheeks in the second grade...but everyone told me i didn't... idk...

08-17-2008, 06:00 PM
Mine was first detected by my skating coach.
I'm a figure skater and I had this fancy dress on for a competition.
The back of the dress was sort of open and had a cool design to it...anyways, she noticed that it was off centre.
Then the next day at practice, she looks at my back and told me that one shoulder blade stuck out more than the other and that I should have it checked out just in case.
This was when I was 15....and I had surgery on it in June, at age 17.

I wonder how long it would have taken me to notice my back if it wasnt for my coach!

08-19-2008, 03:25 PM
Mine was first detected by my skating coach.
I'm a figure skater and I had this fancy dress on for a competition.
The back of the dress was sort of open and had a cool design to it...anyways, she noticed that it was off centre.
Then the next day at practice, she looks at my back and told me that one shoulder blade stuck out more than the other and that I should have it checked out just in case.
This was when I was 15....and I had surgery on it in June, at age 17.

I wonder how long it would have taken me to notice my back if it wasnt for my coach!

Are you going to be able to get back into figure skating? Do you do pairs, dance or skate alone?

I grew up around figure skating, well at least having to watch it every time it came on tv, my mother pretty much made me. lol She used to be heavily involved in figure skating, (she even had a tv show in the 70s at one point) she missed the 1964 olympics by 1/100th of a point. :( They only took the top 3 Cdn women and she was a very close 4th. But it was my mother who noticed something wrong with me shortly after I was born too, so a figure skating coach found mine too. :D

08-24-2008, 11:51 PM
My daughter was diagnosed at her 12 yr. Dr. appt. Then we went to an Othapedic Surgeon and at 16 degrees was wait and see for 6 months. At her 6 month check was at 31 and put in a brace. She is now at 25, 5 weeks later.

Eleanor :)
08-27-2008, 07:37 PM
I was getting changed in PE when my friend noticed my left hip stuck out quite considerably. After asking the rest of my friends, they all seemed to agree. I can't believe I didn't notice before them!

09-02-2008, 03:13 PM
Hello All:
It's been a while since I posted, but I'm now 8 months post op from my 3rd spinal fusion and laminectomy. I'm still experience quite a bit of discomfort in the surgical area (6 pedicle screws and 2 additional rods adn a bone cage)

I was first diagnosed at the age of 10 via a school screening (which I've been told have been discontinued in Maryland) and then my godfather worked in the hospital in the orthopedic department and got me to a scoliosis clinic in which I wore a Milwaukee brace for 2 years but due to the severity of my curve, that didn't work, so I moved to my first surgery in which a harrington rod/bone graft was completed. Since then I've had another harrington rod inserted and this new hardware.

Mind you this was all back in 1977 when I was first diagnosed so thankfully the technology has changed.

Take Care,


09-25-2008, 06:17 AM
I had a bone density scan because my doctor thought i wasn't getting enough calcium (turned out my bone density was exactly average) and an x-ray image came up on the woman's computer of my back and my mum pointed out my spine wasn't straight. Neither of us knew at the time what scoliosis was so my mum just asked if my spine should be like that and the woman who operated the machine just said it sometimes happens when children are put in that position (she knew heaps... not!!!) so my mum and I didn't think anything of it until we went back to the doctors and my mum pointed it out and asked him so he got me to bend over then said I should see an orthopaedic surgeon. We got an appointment for 2 months later, and I hadn't thought anything of the scoliosis as I thought the doctor would just give me exercises or something like that to do, so when she told me I needed a brace I bawled my eyes out and wouldn't look at her or speak to her (which I now know was very immature).

Anyways I guess it was best it was discovered then because other wises I would most likely be definitely be facing worse.

10-27-2008, 10:09 PM
My mom was helping me braid my hair one night when I was about 9. She noticed that my shoulders were uneven. She had me bend over and was positive I had scoliosis. My pediatrician disagreed with my mom, but my mom being the stubborn woman she is, refused to leave the office until I had a referral to an ortho. Mom was right, I was diagnosed a couple weeks later.

Unfortunatly, I don't think Colorado does the testing in school. I know they do in California. My school out there insisted on doing it, even though they knew I did and even had to take my brace off for them to do the testing:rolleyes:

10-27-2008, 10:49 PM
Mine was diagnosed when I was 5 years old. I had gone to my primary doctor for my yearly physical before I went into kindergarten and he detected a heart murmur. I was born in a small town in colorado and my doctor sent me to see a specialist for my heart in Denver. Well my heart would be fine the specialist said but found out that I had Scoliosis!! Was the first in my family. We never heard of Scoliosis before.

Once I started in school I also was checked even though they knew that I already had Scoliosis! But strangely now my children have grown up in colorado and have never gotten checked in school!!

Things have changed!

10-28-2008, 04:41 AM
Just prior to starting highbschool, was when I was checked by Education Dept. doctors (in New Zealand.) After that, Mum took me to the family doctor who told us about fusion (no rods) then spending at least 12 months in a cast, in hospital. I begged Mum not to make me go through that and even the Dr. felt it was drastic. Eventually we decided to wait and see. It was never mentioned again until my mid 50s when it started to progress and after I'd lost 6 cm in height in three years. At that point I asked my GP for xrays to check on it. She looked at the xrays and said, "Hmmm, you have the most interesting spine I've ever seen." And off to the surgeon I went.

11-05-2008, 03:28 PM
hey everyone, i'm raeann. i'm new here. =) nice to meet you all.

mine was diagnosed this past january. (the 22nd...i'll never forget that day...) the doctor detected it at my regular physical. since then i've been to 3 different appointments, and i'm getting my brace finally this friday. i'm at a 24.9 degree curve... .1 degrees away from the official bracing for scoliosis.

12-02-2008, 01:53 PM
these results are of idiopathic scoliosis, no?

01-09-2009, 11:19 AM
i am now 44 yrs old and only over last 18 month was my scoliosis diagnosed why hadnt this shown at birth when it showed on x ray i had had this from birth what causes this to suddenlty happen


01-09-2009, 03:12 PM
hi inca! 1st, happy belated everything! i hope you & your family had a wonderful Christmas/Channukah & WARM new years too!
i'm so sorry that you are now suffering with scoliosis. i honestly wish i knew how come no doctor every noticed it before. i was blessed that my mom's eyes were so 'attuned' to it since she wore a brace from the age of 2 to age 18. (yep, you DID read that correctly. 16 years she wore a brace. to quote her. "my spine was like a letter Z when i was 2!" she remebered it vividly in her senior years... she noticed it on ME when i was 7 MONTHS OLD! my teeny tiny right shoulder blade stuck out and i was unable to sit up properly at that young age. @ 7 months a baby CAN sit up good, but... 'cause of my scoliosis i wasn't... thank GOD she knew what to look for! sad to say now she has alzheimer's and is in a very wonderful nursing home in our neighborhood in brooklyn.)
my only suggestion for you is that you seek out the BEST DOC in the scoliosis field! they WILL know what to do better than just an orthopedist. i'm keeping you in my prayers kiddo!!!
you can write to me directly at: tersieface2@aol.com
God bless,
stasi (pronounced 'stacy') but mine IS spelled correctly LOL!

01-12-2009, 11:34 AM
Hello every one, I think my story is rather unique. I was in the 4th grade washing the dirt off of my basketball. My mother noticed a bulge in the left side of the back....off to the doctor we went! His diagnosis was I was "to right handed." I was to start using the left hand more and practice standing straight! You can only imagine the problems I went though with this attitude from Herr DoKtor! At age 28...feelinjg draft was limited for me, I did go to a doctor that handled these types of problems....Right off he said the word "scoliosis" and nothing he could do with technology at this time. Cruve was 42 degrees. I moved to the southern part of my state.....found new doctor and continued to monotor the spine. One year, the spine went from 42 degrees to 76 degrees in less than six months! Something had to be done to solve this rapid change! Dwyer instrumentation and Harrington rods were placed in back in two separate operations just two weeks apart. Only thing I had to give up was my riding of "spooky" my horse and dozer {rough ride...no springs!} Have had a good live limited little by this surgery. I feel the attitude one has is directly related to a successful recovery.....Sorry for going on and on but wanted to share when and first diagnosis....

01-12-2009, 05:57 PM
First time I've seen this thread.

My scoliosis was first discovered at school screening, the year before high school. I grew up in NZ where kids are screened and innoculated for just about everything at school.

Ignored until rapid progress of curve caused height loss of 6 cm. Never been much of a problem throughout the years, and had two children without problems.

02-23-2009, 02:15 PM
In about 3rd or 4th grade I remember how uncomfortable the hard chairs were in school and I had to sit a certain way to get comfortable. In 6th grade I noticed my hips and waist were uneven (thought is was from the way I had to sit in school to get comfortable). Told my mom about the uneven hips and waist but she wasn't too impressed by the discovery. In high school my best friend had scoliosis (her moms was a RN) and she told me that I had it too. Mom believed it that time and took me to a doctor.

02-23-2009, 03:27 PM
hi dd!
how ya doin' now kiddo?! hope you are well!!! you can write to me direct at: tersieface2@aol.com
i'm stasi (pronounced 'stacy' but MINE IS spelled correctly LOL!) abramson
sorry to make this a short but sweet note... but i must... to be continued...
God bless,
stasi :D