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03-03-2006, 11:35 PM
Scoliosis Treatment comes to USA

The Schroth Method has finally come to the the US with the opening of Scoliosis Rehab Inc. (www.scoliosisrehab.com). I am an 18 year old from the US and two years ago I traveled to Barcelona, Spain to learn the Schroth Method for treating scoliosis. I worked with the Internationally renowned Dr. Rigo and certified therapists to learn the exercises that were specifically tailored to help treat my scoliosis (as they are for every patient).

I have a right thoracic curve of 30degrees(cobb angle) and a left lumbar curve of 27degrees(cobb angle), and while that isn't large enough to require surgery, when I stood in front of the bathroom mirror I could tell that I was standing crooked. I felt like I was standing straight, but I wasn't. My hips were shifted noticeably to the right and when I bent over at the waist there was a hump on the right side of my ribs. This uneven rotation was caused by the scoliosis, which is a 3-D problem. I had been wearing a Boston Brace from the ages of 14-16. Dr. Rigo explained that because I was a 16yr old boy and almost done growing, any lessening of the Cobb angle would be minimal (if any). What we could do is stop future curve progression and change my body shape to get rid of my uneven hip shift and decrease the rib hump, which I have done. Through the continued practice of Schroth exercises, I have learned to hold my body straight and built up specific muscles to keep straight and de-rotated.

The Schroth Method works best with adolescents because they are more flexable and still growing. They usually don't have arthritic changes and their muscles and fascia are more flexible than adults. Adults can also learn the Schroth Method, they just need to go at slower pace than adolescents. The Schroth Method also works to help manage back pain in both adolescents and adults with scoliosis.

The exercises are often combined with bracing, so its not like its some type of fringe treatment. Schroth has been around in Europe since the 1920's. Schroth exercises compliment the work a brace does and help build the right muscles so a patient can keep the corrected position even when out of the brace. Through the combination of my new Rigo/Cheneau Brace and Schroth exercises I was able to stop my curve from progressing further and my body shape has changed to eliminate my hip shift and reduce my rib hump to near nothing. The shape and symmetry of my back has improved so much that my scoliosis no longer shows up on a Scoliometer (device used to find scoliosis at school screenings). The best part for me of learning the exercises is that I learned to live with my scoliosis and take care of my back, rather than just waiting for the scoliosis to get worse.

There is so much to say about this technique, and for many people it can help keep them from surgery. It was definitely worthwhile for me and I continue to practice the exercises on a regular basis. If you want to find out more about the Schroth Method I can try to help you, but the best thing to do would be to go to www.scoliosisrehab.com There is a great deal of useful information on their site and their therapists are trained and certified by Dr. Rigo.

03-09-2006, 10:42 PM
In my last post I didn't mention that Beth Janssen, who runs Scoliosis Rehab Inc, is my mother. I know that the Scroth method has really helped me with my scoliosis and I think it is important to let other people know about it also. Now there is a clinic in the US, so more people in the US will have the oportunity to learn the Scroth method without having to travel to Europe like I did. You're more than welcome to contact us through the website or post a reply on here.