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02-05-2006, 04:57 PM
I am helping my 11 year old daughter with posting this thread. She has been wearing a brace for her scoliosis for a little over a year now. She has experienced the same struggles many of you have written about with wearing a T-Shirt under her brace. This is especially true in the summer months, when it is hot & she wears tank tops. She is participating in "Invent Iowa" which is a type of science fair that is geared toward new inventions or improvements on current inventions. She is trying to 'invent' a liner for the brace, which would replace the need for wearing a t-shirt. For part of her 'invention' she is to do background research. We have read other threads that talks about some sort of 'bodysuit' that is made by spinecor, but have not been able to find any 'liners' for the braces. It seems like many of you may like this type of alternative to wearing a t-shirt. She is asking that any of you who are willing, please take the time to reply to this thread & answer these questions:

Do you wear a t-shirt under your brace?

What are the issues you have with wearing a t-shirt?

If it was available, would you prefer to use a liner that could be more easily concealed under your clothes?

Any other comments/suggestions for my invention.

Thank you for your time!! :)

The Slice
02-05-2006, 05:53 PM
Here's an idea for her. Get t-shirt style nightgowns (night "T's", for the extra length) that are small enough to conform snugly, but not tight on the body (so there are no wrinkles). Cut off the sleeves and the seams that attach the sleeves to the body of the shirt, and the top part of the the body to remove the seams (the shoulders). Leave enough material above the top so that it can be brought over the top edge of the brace. Place small pieces of velcro along the front and back edges of the brace and to the body of the "T" that will match up. Be sure that the shirt is not being stretched lengthwise as to make sure that there is enough fabric above and below the brace to avoid bare brace against skin. Also don't put velcro in armpit areas or there will be arm chafing on the inside of the arm against the velcro. You may not even need to bother with the velcro. Good luck.

02-05-2006, 06:49 PM
Though I'm old enough to be your daughter's grandmother I also wore a type of brace after surgery....a TLSO. The hospital gave me several very snug all cotton t-shirts to wear. The shirts were sleeveless with only a 1'inch wide strap over the shoulders. Because they were snug they didn't bunch up under the brace and didn't show under my blouses or regular t-shirts. Good luck with the science project. :D

02-05-2006, 10:46 PM
When my daughter wore a hard brace, I made liners for the brace out of boys white cotton undershirts. I think they were Hanes, bought cheaply at WalMart. I turned the t-shirt inside out, cut it up the back from top to bottom, cut off the neck band and opened it up. When she was 12 a boys size large fit her brace perfectly. I fit it to the brace by sewing a seam where necessary and then wrapped it around the inside of the brace to make a pattern. I then cut off the extra fabric leaving about 3 inches to wrap to the front of the brace. I used the binding stitch on my sewing machine to finish it and velcro to attach the liners. My daughter much preferred this to an entire t-shirt under the brace, it was cooler and with the t-shirt streched tight, seams to the inside, there were no wrinkles to bother her skin. They washed and dried easily.

It's kind of hard to describe without a picture - good luck.

02-05-2006, 11:47 PM
I haven't worn a brace in about 6 years, but the bracing company provided a seamless, breathable, stretchable tank top to wear under the brace that was very comfortable. I've never worn a t-shirt under them, but I did wear tank tops, because they are less bulky. My main complaint was the seam lines, as the tight brace would create indents and irritation on my skin! So I would include a seamless aspect to the new "design"! And, yes, I think a simple liner is a great idea.

02-08-2006, 11:54 AM
My daughter prefers the Boston T under her brace. Men's sleeveless Ts are not cut high enough under the arms, and she hated the feel of the plastic next to her skin. Her Boston Ts have a flap on the "high" side of her brace.

We tried some high-tech women's sports tanks, but they were too short on the bottom...she likes to stretch the bottom of the tanks up over her brace.

In any case, a really good material that wicks away moisture is essential. She likes the thick, stretchy Boston material, which has an antibacterial function.

The top straps could be skinny...more like lingerie than the bulky tank top look. A built-in shelf bra would be good, because finding a seamless bra can be a challenge (and she needs one.)

Oh yes: Washable, because those dang things are in the laundry all the time!

At home, she often just wears the brace on the outside of a regular T shirt. Ugly, but easy to get into and out of. She hasn't had many problems with chafing no matter what the T.

Good Luck!