View Full Version : The Little Gymnast and the Christmas Chiari

12-18-2005, 06:37 PM
My light shall break forth like the morning, and my healing shall spring forth speedily. Isaiah 58:8

When I was pregnant with Cailie Grace, I had a dream, that the Lord was drawing her little body in my womb. I saw His finger trace every little part of her. Her arms, legs, back, feet, head...everything. And everything was perfect and beautiful! I hold onto that dream as a promise!

Two weeks ago, our choir sang a song that has these words...."He never promised that your cross would not get heavy and your pain would not be hard to bare. Just hold on and He will take you thru the fire again". I've been singing it for 2 weeks. Just ask the folks on my hall at school :-)! This Sunday the message was on unexpected crosses. About how sometimes, we have to endure challenges that we don't want. I was praying at the alter and a friend came to pray with me. She said that she just kept thinking of my dream and God's promise to Cailie Grace.

Today, the results of Cailie Grace's MRI were finally explained to us. I had questioned the possibility of a Chiari Malformation, in Nov, when we were told there was a cyst. I was told that there was no evidence of that. WRONG! We were also told that there was "a small cyst". WRONG again!

Our neurosurgeon (who is wonderful) showed us the actual films. In his words, the cyst is "enormous". It is about as long as her head. He said it has probably been there since she was born, but must have grown recently to cause the scoliosis. The cyst was caused by a Chiari Malformation. That means that her skull is pressing on the base of her brain and trapping fluid. She is scheduled for pre-op on Dec. 29, and decompression surgery on Jan 4. The surgery will release the pressure and allow her spine to straighten (IN JESUS NAME).

I don't understand it all, but I know that God has worked it out. If we hadn't gone to the Shriner's in SC, we would not have had the MRI. Without the MRI, we would have forced her into a brace that she does not need! Without the MRI the pressure could have remained on her brain and spine and could have caused paralysis and neurological damage. GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!

We have been praying that Cailie Grace would be delivered from the cyst and she will be!! We have been praying that God would bring this season of scoliosis to an end and He is!!

We're not through the fire yet, but we know we will be and now we know when!! Patience is not a virtue that I posess :-)! I have great difficulty WAITING upon the Lord :-)!

Hope you all have a wonderful and truly blessed Christmas!!!!! Remember, you are not carrying your crosses alone.

The McKinneys