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10-06-2005, 12:13 PM
Hey! I was wondering if anyone went to sleep away camp with a brace. I went to the same camp for the past 2 years and had so much fun! i want to go back so badly this summer but i wouldn't be able to do some of the activities. They go caving, rafting, conueing, all different kinds of sports, etc. My mom called the camp and the guy said he doesnt see why i shouldn't come. If i can't do something for example caving, i'll stay back and help set up for something. But if i have to sit on the side and watch all my freinds have fun, i'm not gonna have the best summer. I'm also not sure what to do about where to keep my brace,etc. should i go??? :confused: :confused:

10-07-2005, 07:23 AM
I would ask the camp if they have a secure place to store the brace, like the camp office, for when you choose not to wear it. My daughter played all kinds of sports with it on, with a little difficulty breathing, as you have found in band. She went to Puerto Rico on a mission trip last summer and wore the brace all except for swimming. In fact, she even ended up swimming some with it on! She also went on our family vacation white water rafting and kayaking, while choosing to wear the brace for both. She did not lean forward to aggressively paddle in eacher activity, though. She sometimes does the activities without the brace, if it is not a regular routing to take the brace off for hours each day. I would think you could store the brace someplace at camp and enjoy ALL activities with the campers, as long as camp only lasts a week or two. My daughter played in the sand and jumped the waves without her brace for several hours one day at a beach, which lowered her wearing time that day, but I didn't worry about it since it was not a daily activity. She refused to ride horses, so our family didn't go horseback on vacation. She would have to go without her brace for an hour and by that time she was having pain without the brace, so she made the choice. Her brace would have been uncomfortable in a horse riding position. Oh, she also did amuzement park rides with her brace, including bumper cars. Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy camp! Oh, she also loves to use climbing walls and has done that with or without her brace. She is able to reach her legs further without the brace. I agree with you, if you can't do fun stuff, why go to camp! Have fun!!! Kris

10-07-2005, 01:11 PM
Thanx Kris! Camp is for 4 weeks and i wear my brace for 23 hours a day so i'll probably just try to do all the things i can with it on. Your daughter did so many things with her brace on, i never would have thought that you could do them! My orthotist said that i could get my brace wet as long as i don't get it soaked with water so my skin doesn't break out. But i can get the bottom wet from sitting in a raft and stuff. Thanks again! Temima :D