View Full Version : Sports and the TLSO brace

Dolphin Lover
10-03-2005, 12:38 PM
Hi Guys, My daughter is getting her brace soon, are their any school sports that you can do while wearing it??? She has been on the swim team,but it's ending before she gets her brace. But any ideas for the future??? She has to wear her brace 23 hours a day. Thanks you can email me at tdabcdc@comcast.net

Dolphin Lover's Mom

10-03-2005, 02:54 PM
Hi i also have a TLSO and i just take it off for all my sports and then put it back on right after its done. Since i play softball all summer and i have alot of tourneys on the weekends i usually have to put it back on in the hot car but i cool off if i go under a tent right after. Basketball i really don't play it but i've just been taking a bag into the locker room,takethe brace off and put it in the bag and no one ever notices. But even if they do no one really made fun of me and i've had my brace for 11 months so i think it all works out. If its anything like mine where it goes up my left underarm and then like 3 inches down my left hip then there is no possible way for her to do any sports with it on because it hurts. I hope this answers your question.

10-04-2005, 10:50 AM
My daughter did all sports except swim with her brace on. She learned to stoop over using her legs instead of bending at the waist, etc. She was not as fast as others and got exhausted earlier, but chose to wear it during basketball, soccer, and PE. In some cases she was required to removed it due to the county recreational rules, but she preferred to wear it and just not be as fast as others. Swimming is considered wearing the brace anyway. Recently she even wore it white water rafting and kayaking, and jumped out of a tree into the water with it on while kayaking! She wore it full-time on a Puero Rico mission trip for a week last summer, before she had surgery July 18. She did not wear it horseback riding and I think she did not ride bikes with it because it prevented her from moving her legs in the position required to ride a horse. Each to his own. Good luck, Kris