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09-21-2005, 12:43 PM
I'm new to the forum, so excuse me if I don't know how it all works! My 14 month old grandson had surgery a week ago. They removed 5 discs, took out a rib & used it to graph. He's in a full body cast for 2-3 mo. Anyone with ideas/advice on how to manage a little one who was just beginning to walk who could comment would be appreciated. We're told he won't need other surgeries, but since reading messages in the forum, I wonder about torso growth, etc.

09-21-2005, 04:46 PM
Hi Lisa,

I remember you from another scoliosis list. My son, Braydon, is now 10yrs old. He had fusion only surgery at age 11 months. His trunk/torso is disproportionately shorter than it should be. As of right now, they estimate he has a 4-inch compromise in his trunk (based on wingspan measurements -vs- actual height). I know hindsight is always 20/20, but I wonder what options the docs gave your daughter? Did they suggest any other options besides fusion surgery? It is such a drastic procedure on such a young one.

I can't guarantee he won't need future surgeries. Braydon has had two vertical expandable rods placed in his back (not along the spine, under the shoulderblade) to support his spine and keep his chest expanded so his right lung has optimal room to breathe. Your grandson will need to be evaluated occasionally to make sure his lung function is not compromised from this early fusion surgery. I'd love to visit with you about your grandson. Again, my email is boulderfam@hotmail.com