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01-26-2004, 06:32 PM
i was wondering if anyone had any tips for me, my brace?
i have had my brace for a while but i only know a couple.

01-26-2004, 07:05 PM
what type of brace do you have and what tips are you already using?

01-26-2004, 08:00 PM
i have the (tlso)Boston brace.

i am not usin any tips right now cause i don't know any yet

01-26-2004, 08:27 PM
Ok...lets see...it's been a while, but lets see what the rusty brain can remember...

Tshirts - wifebeater (tank) style underneath helps a lot with moisture and rubbing.

I used to strap myself into my brace myself by laying on my bed on my side. that way I could get it tight and not have to ask for help cinching it (I hated that).

Sleeping can be a challenge - I used pillows to keep me on my side and my parents bought me an air bed so that I could adjust the firmness to make it more comfortable.

Oversize shirts help hide the appearance of it. I found any shirt that would come to hip level did a good job of still looking close to fashionable but did what I wanted, which was cover the appearance of my exaggerated hips.

I'll give it some more thought and see what I can come up with. What sorts of problems are you encountering? Dress? Daily Life? I remember having a hard time tying my shoes because I was used to bending my leg up, leaning against my thigh and tying. I couldn't do that in my brace.


01-26-2004, 08:42 PM
yea i know how u feel abot the tying shoe thing also with putting on socks.its hard
thanks for the tips
i wear the wifebeater thank goodness for those.
in the beging i had a proplem, i hated myself. I was always saying why me why did i have to have scoliosis, why can't someone else but me have this instead of me. but i regret what i said i don't want anybody to have scoliosis.then i blamed it on GOD, i thought he was picking on me, i already have other problems and now i have to seal with this. when i first found out i had scoliosis i told my doctor that i am going to have the surgery, but after i learned about the surgery i'm glad that my spine isn't that bad for me to have suregery.i wonder what people in the old days had to do. i don't think they had braces. do u have know?

Do u wear a brase?
if u do did u feel the way i did?
did u read any books that u liked abot scoliosis?
i wish that we wouldn't have scoliosis in this world
thanks lots

01-27-2004, 01:14 AM
I don't remember blaming anyone for my back, but I know my mom had a very difficult time with me wearing a brace - like it was something she could have prevented and didn't. It just happens and my dad always had this great attitude of learning from the paths life leads you on. While I had much the same problems adjusting to life in a brace as I'm sure we've all had - eventually I got comfortable with it's role in my life. It didn't run my life, but it changed it and the best I could do was go with it and see what it showed me.

In the end the best gifts it gave me was the ability to see true friends and the knowledge that I was strong enough to come through it a different person - one that I liked better than the one who went into it.

Not sure what they did prior to me getting a brace, but I don't think the style has changed a lot since I got mine in 1979. I just put up a picture of me in 1980 here: http://www.my-serendipity.net/brace.jpg

So to answer your other questions - I did wear a brace for about 6 years, 23 hrs a day, every day. I think we've all felt the way you do/did... Now that I'm grown and have found the forums, I feel that way again to some extent. I was always told that if I spent all that time in the brace, that when I was done growing, my back wouldn't get any worse - but now I'm finding out thats not true. Its been about 18 years since I've had it checked - I have an appt tomorrow to have it checked and I'm more than a bit nervous about it.

When I was diagnosed there wasn't the selection of books that there is now. I'm so impressed with the selection out there now. I was a fan of Judy Blume (still am) and happened to read her book 'Deenie' about girl who gets a brace - it made me feel so much better because everything she felt, I was feeling. I would just read it and then reread it. It was my best friend for a while.

I'm still toying with the hints...I'll ask my mom what she remembers. Oh...back scratchers...there is nothing worse than having an itch in your brace that you cant scratch. My dad made me a nearly flat back scratcher that I could use and it was wonderful!

Hang in there... :cool:

06-18-2004, 04:17 PM
Hi, Im Kayla

I have the same brace as you do, so I think i have some tips for you.


* Buy at Old Navy. Their sizes are perfect for braces- ranging in size from s-xxl. ( xl and xxl work well over big braces).

* Duct tape down your straps. It works SO much better in tighter clothes.

* Wear peasant tops, skirts and t-shirts. They are really comfortable and fit over the brace for spring, summer, and autumn. In winter, hoodies are key.

* Your normal-sized jeans can go under the brace, but i wouldnt advise wearing them. They slip, which is problematic.:o

* If you live anywhere near a Dots store, you might want to go there. The 1x shirts are pretty nice.


*buy a body pillow. They are really comfy with this type of brace.

* Put PJs under the brace when you sleep. They are more comfortable than regular wifebeaters.


* Make your brace into a joke. Make sure that you use the whole "abs of steel" thing. My friends made it up for me.

* Tell people that you are close to. The emotional support is nice.

*Ask your "brace man" to put something over the screws. They cause big holes if there nothing to cover them.

Hope I could help!