View Full Version : New Support Group for infantile/Juvenile Scoliosis

06-21-2005, 08:33 PM
When a parent is given the grim news that their infant or young child has scoliosis, the initial reaction is one of disbelief and fear. If the scoliosis is of the progressive variety, a parent should know that current literature does not paint a rosy picture. The prognosis is bleak. Yet despite the relentless nature of progressive scoliosis in young children, many highly respected doctors are hesitant to cast or even brace these children for long periods of time citing risks of chest wall deformities. Yet, scoliosis by its very nature leads to chest wall deformities, cardio pulmonary problems and early death. So what gives ?

At this support group, parents will have access to literature which shows that the prognosis for infantile and juvenile scoliosis does NOT have to be bleak. We discuss alternative successful treatments currently being used by Katharina Schroth, Manuel Rigo and Min Mehta.

The link to the new website is: