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06-21-2005, 06:31 AM
our son (16 months) has congenital scoliosis, due to two hemivertebrae in the thoracic region, one of which is 'incarcerated'

his curve remains stable and he is being seen every six months by an orthopaedic surgeon at great ormond st hospital in london, uk

he is also under the care of a physiotherapist as his development is delayed due to him having been premature and very low birthweight

he has only been sitting unaided since 13 months of age and is not yet mobile (not crawling although showing signs of bottom-shuffling)

his twin sister, on the other hand, has been crawling for 4 months

the physiotherapist recommended a night brace for him as she was concerned that he may develop muscle tightening down one side of his torso as his truncal muscle tone has been quite poor up until recently

however, his sitting has been getting better and better lately (previously he used to slump to one side in line with his curve) and his strength is slowly building

the surgeon we see was reluctant to see him braced for 24 hours a day as he felt that would impede his development but was happy about a night-time only brace (he has no direct relationship with the physio btw)

has anyone else been recommended this line of treatment? and has anyone else had issues with muscle tightening which exagerrate the spinal abnormality?

i guess our question is: do we need to put him through wearing a night brace if he already looks as if he is on a road to increased strength/better muscle tone?

would love to hear of your experiences...


Carlos Alberto
06-30-2005, 09:37 AM
I´ve been reading about your son. I´m the father of Gaby who have born with extrange genetic disease called Chondrodisplacia Puntacta. My first recomendation it´s to kwnow if your son have another problem and what caused it.
My daughter start walking at 13 month, she has somes problems gaining weight. We use a child's walker to help her and it really help.
The doctor tells us she needs a surgery to fuse the hemivertebras. It was surgery at 16 month using 2 inch of my tibia as injert. The surgery fails because of staphilococus aureous. You need to have too much care in your first surgery. I recomend you to make a detailed inmunological study.

My best regards