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01-12-2004, 10:59 AM
i just found out 4 days ago that my new doctor has come to the conclusion that i have scoliosis. i have had back problems since i was 13. the first doctor took some xrays and said that my joints were rubbing against eachother and gave me a cortizone shot. That didn't help at all and gave me more pain than before. a few weeks after that i went to a different doctor. she looked at the same xray and said i had an extra bone in my back that connected my spine to my pelvic bone. she said it would give me pain for my whole life but there wasn't anything she was going to do about it. after that anytime i got a back ache i went to the emergency and got a shot of demerol. a few years later my back aches got worse and the doctors keep telling me i have a pinched nerve. they never did any tests or xrays just gave me meds so i would go away. the nerve thing happens at least 3 tiomes a year which was making me pretty concerned but the doctors said that there was no concern. now i am almost 26. i just started a taxi business in a small town in september. things were going great for the first few months and then when i bought a new car my back got MUCH worse than ever before. now i walk completely bent over most of the time. then pain feels unbearable. i have pain in my lower right side right where it always has been before plus i have pain going down my right leg and that added part is making me crazy. when i first started my business i could work and work but now i get sore after 1 hour somedays and 4 hours max. in mid nov i finally went to the hospital again this tie the doc took some xrays and told me to make an appointment for the diagnosis. i tried massage and that put me right out of wack for a good 4-5 days (got to love "theraputic massage"). i didn't go back for diagnosis because i was scared it would be something like this. i was really hoping that the doc would say something like "crystal, you are turning the wrong way to get out of the car" or something like that. i feel so useless, and angry. i have always been a single mother since i was 16 and i have found that there is nothing i can't do if i put my mind to it but i can't get over this. scoliosis doesn't go away. :(

anyways i have a few questions

1. is functional scoliosis what happens as a result of a function? the physiotherapist i made an appointment with asked me if it was structural or functional then he said it had to be functional or i would have been diagnosed years ago.

2. somebody mentioned digestive problems as well. i have IBS also and i was wondering if they are connected in some way all i know about the scoliosis is that i have a significant C curve in my L4 or something like that the doctor was not interested in giving me details just seemed to want out of the room

i have doctor appointment again in a few days as my family doctor was not interested in trying to help me feel better or telling me what this "scoliosis" diagnosis is. i am trying to prepare a list of questions for the doc so i get all my answers. the only thing i can even do to cope right now is focusing on finding out what exactly is going on with my back.

thank you for your time