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06-01-2005, 10:51 PM
We have seen 2 ortho ped surgeon. We recently went up to Shriners and the Dr. there wants to do a brace to attempt to keep my 11 mon.old son's curve from getting even worse too quickly. The other Dr. says a brace wouldn't work on a spine with congenital abnormalities. I am confused and concerned that the brace might actually hurt nerves or his spinal cord by making a spine go a certain direction that in wouldn't because of the hemivertebrae/fused vertebrae etc. Also, my son is developmentally delayed and has low muscle tone in his upper body...we have been working with physical therapy. Putting on a brace might delay him even further because he cant move enough. The physical therapist said it would be good to get my son's muscles stronger so that he has more strength to bounce back after he has surgery (which I don't know at what point this will happen but the Dr. have both told me it will be more than one surgery he will need.) Does anyone use a brace on their child with congenital scoli and do they even help? Has anyone used a brace in a baby?

06-09-2005, 12:35 PM
my 3 1/2 yr. old daughter and has had a brace since she was 1. the brace wouldn't allow her to crawl and she never walked till she was 14 months. her brace will not correct her curve but will slow it down. at first we went to a shrinners in portland, where she got her first brace. after a year, we moved to spokane. the spokane shrinners said that the brace that was made for her at the portland shrinners was made wrong because they never put her on a stretching machine. each scoliosis case is different. my daughter has a 79% curve on the upper part of her spine. :rolleyes:

06-21-2005, 06:09 AM
my son (16 months) has congenital scoliosis which is stable at the moment

he's under the care of an orthopaedic surgeon here in london, uk

he's also been seen by a physiotherapist since january because he is developmentally delayed owing to having been premature and very small at birth (he only sat unaided at 13 months and is not yet crawling)

the physio advised him having a brace to wear at night to prevent any muscle tightening (he tends to lie in an exagerration of his actual curve) but the surgeon did not want him to be braced 24 hours as he felt this would impede his muscle development

anyway, thought you might be interested to hear what advice we have had - it does seem to run somewhat contrary to the advice you have had...