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01-09-2004, 10:09 AM
I wanted to share some good news with everyone, especially those of you who are just starting off with wearing a brace and are wondering if it is all worth it. My 12 year old daughter started wearing a "Wilmington Jacket" (a TLSO brace) at the end of August this year. She wears it for 18 hours a day and has a double curve of 25/22, which was at the low end of when they recommend a brace. The curve had jumped from 17 to 25 in only 5 months so we decided it was best to go ahead with the brace in August.

Yesterday we went for a 5 month checkup. To say the least it was a very stressful week since we got the x-ray last Friday, waiting to find out if the curve had increased or if the brace had stopped it. I am relieved to say that it is working right now. Her curve was measured at 20/18.

I know that a lot of you out there are just starting with the brace. Your curves may be around the same or higher. You may wonder if all the turmoil and stress of having to deal with it is worth it. So far, I can say it is.

You have to know that you've done what you needed to do - wear the brace for the time you need to. Anything beyond that is out of your control, but at least you'll know that you made a good choice for yourself. Watching my daughter deal with the brace I know how hard it is to wear it, especially in the beginning. Your feelings are real and valid, but try to reach beyond them. Make a good choice to wear the brace. Just take it one day at a time and don't give up on yourself. You're stronger than you realize!

Now the challenge for her is to keep up the pace, and the hours and hope for the best. She still has alot of growing ahead and she needs to be diligent in wearing the brace. Of course, being an active 12 year old there are numerous occassions that come up that would necessitate her being out of the brace for a period of time. I have encouraged her to be careful and selective about the time out and make sure that she really wants to do whatever. After all, life goes on. But, in the long range her health is the more important priority. I think that all of this is helping her define herself and through it all she will emerge an even stronger, more confident individual. She still has difficulty with wearing it out in public so if anyone has any insights into how we can help her with that struggle it would be greatly appreciated!

Of course, all of this is from a mother's point of view. But, I know she is relieved and happy that her efforts over the past 5 months have helped. To all of you struggling with your brace...don't give up and don't cheat yourself. Stay strong and stay healthy!

01-09-2004, 03:18 PM
Hey my name is Hannah. I am 13 and i am going through the exact thing ur daughter is. It is very hard. But i have had it on for 2 years. Its been rough living everyday wearing a brace in clothes. You feel like u don't look good in anything. And sometimes i cry at night cus i wish i didn't have to struggle with a brace. I have lived in it for 2 years. But honestly it feels like i just got it yesterday. It has gone so fast. I have lived day by day and i have to admit that there was a few bumps along the road but u just have to either laugh or cry them off. But i have really been lucky through the whole thing. My friends treat me the same way they always have. I don't have trouble with boys at all. And honestly its kewl wearing a brace cus people are like "hey, you've got abs of plastic! and they always ask if they can hit my stomach. Its pretty kewl. But still i wish i didn't have it. And thats i'm sure how ur daughter is too. Its tough but its somethin u have to do. But God gave it to us for a reason. U will start to notice what u get out of it. U will look at life in a whole different way. Its very kewl. In a way too u stop and realize that u are honestly a little lucky. Everyone has something they have to worry about it. From being overweaight to having a diseas or thinking u are ugly. And scoliosis is what we have to worry about.It still isn't fair but it could be so so much worse. Just think, in 2 or 3 years from now u will be so confident in urself and u will feel great to know what u just lived through. So don't feel down ever. God loves u and he did this for u for a reason, u just have to pray about it. I will let ya go now. I hope to hear from u soon if ur daughter wants to talk to me about more personal stuff then she is more than welcome to e-mail me.

-Hannah 13 IN

08-15-2005, 09:57 AM
I'm so happy your daughter is doing well in the brace. She should be very proud of herself. It's always hard to keep wearing the brace when you just want to throw it off a cliff and never see it again. But it's worth it in the end. :D I have to wear my brace for at least 20 hours a day, so she should feel lucky!