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01-06-2004, 05:39 PM
Hey all. This is Hannah. If ya don't know already i am 13 and i am in 7th grade and i wear a brace. 10 months ago my back doc. told me that in 6-9 months i could get my brace off cus it would have no more value to me. SO i have waited that long and it has gone by so fast but i am sooo ready to get this thing off of me! When u went to the doc. for your last app.in the brace did u have to get like a million x-rays? I see why u would cus this is like a big decision.But i am soo ready to get it off. How did your doctor tell u? Did u get emotional at all? After he said u didn't have to wear it anymore did u continue to wear it sometimes, but not often? I think i might still wear my brace to bed sometimes cus i am very used to sleeping with it on. But i am scared for this app. cus if he tells me i have to wear my brace for another 4 months i will be crushed. I am sooo ready to get it off. I have worn it for 2 years and i am just ready to go back and be normal me again. I like remember how i felt like good about myself cus i could wear clothes and not feel like i had to hide anything. But now i do. And i am ready to be back to that. I have been waiting for 2 years to hear the doctor say u don't have to wear it anymore. And i am really ready. You know when u just like know something. Well i like have this feeling deep down that its done. I have prayed for this from the first day i got my brace and God has picked a time for me. Its been a learning experience most deffinatley. I have learned so much about myself and u just look at the world in a whole different way and u learn to know how lucky u are. And if u can accept urself in a brace u will have noproblem accepting urself without one. I think having the brace has made me a happier, stronger person. And i thank God for that! I am probably boring u all. Sorry! I am writting a book i just started it yesterday.I am excited to get it done but it is far from done! Well i will talk to you all later!
e-mail cheerbootyshaker@yahoo.com

-Hannah 13 IN

10-22-2005, 04:00 PM
i tried to e-mail u for questions about the miluawkee brace, but it didn't work. Can u still tell me about it? :confused: