View Full Version : correction by kinesiology??

05-09-2005, 12:43 AM
Has anyone heard of a patient being corrected by kinesiology?

My 12 year old daughter has Kyphoscoliosis and we are seeing Dr Tredwill this month for our first visit. (She is "mild" at the moment - 10 degree curvature, but does appear very round shouldered)

My 35 year old brother mentioned to me today that he is treated by a Chinese Kinesioliogist here in Vancouver and that the K'gist has corrected his Scoliosis that he was diagnosed with at aged 12! I had totally forgotten about my brother having scoliosis as it never progressed and was never treated at it wasnt very noticeable. Looking at his absolutely perfect posture today I realise that this "perfection" has only appeared in the last few years since he has been seeing the K'gist (who does more Chinese medicine - than western)

Any thoughts on this, and should i take my daughter to see this practitioner, as I understand that they dont brace at this early stage?