View Full Version : That choice to have surgery

12-19-2003, 08:24 AM

I followed a link provided by Linda which led to a doctor locator for scoliosis surgery. I was looking at the sites of some of the docs in my area and found some interesting information.

The University of Maryland (my alma mater) provides a page about scoliosis and just what the risks are with the surgery. I think I know now why they balk at adult procedures. Obviously it's an issue of whether we feel we have no other choice. I'm there, really having no other choice but surgery or hardly being able to walk, but this page really makes me think. Take a look...


I think I'll do what my doc said. He prefers waiting to see if bladder or bowel function are effected as well as lung and heart. Otherwise he'd rather not chance it. I think I agree with him.