View Full Version : Paper wih a LARGE number of hyper-corrected patients

11-04-2018, 11:52 AM
Wow. One patient was corrected from 72* to 3*!


11-04-2018, 11:13 PM
Sharon, Teenagers sure do straighten up nicely. It helps to have rubbery spines....

Most were done before 2010, and they have a Brazilian made Colorado system invented in 1998. The Colorado was my surgeons first choice in 2005.

For anyone interested, Google "Jazz band scoliosis" They thread through the lamina, (The roof) just like with the Luque system of years past, using a flat cord instead of pedicle screws and wires.
Seems like this would be good for osteoporotic scoliosis patients???

Patient #24 lost the most correction at 10 degrees. This seems like a lot of loss.....The rest did quite well with no basically no loss of correction, and a few degrees doesn't mean much.

20 years ago there were not too many scoliosis surgeons. In a country like Brazil with 210 million people, I am sure a few scoliosis patients showed up in doctors offices....

Ginger is doing ok. She was released from UCSF and is in re-hab.