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green m&m
09-25-2016, 10:50 PM
Just had my 2 year post op visit last week. To be honest I can't believe it's only been 2 years because overall I feel near normal in terms of my range of motion. Almost too much infact that I told my ortho I felt as though I had TOO much movement.

On xray, everything still look unchanged as the day my surgeon did the procedure. I ended up getting a PT script since I am having upper thoracic pain which may have more to do with work than anything else, but since I have met my out-of-pocket maximum for the year, may as well benefit from not having a copay...

I attempted to get my surgeon to order a CT scan to check fusion statues but he didn't think it was needed and did not want to expose me to any unnecessary radiation, especially since he didn't see any signs that indicated I wasn't fusing.

So for those of you that are 2+ years out -- how did you KNOW you were fused? or at least be at peace without radiological evidence that you are fused...

I carry a mild fear that I am not fusing properly especially since between post-op month 8 and 14, I was on an experimental chemotherapy. Everyone on my healthcare team deemed it safe and I even found some research study that indicated the particular drug I was on actually promotes bone growth (when used in conjunction with BMP, I did not have any BMP used for my case though).

I do see some evidence of fusion on xray where there used to be bone-chips, are more solid appearing areas, so my surgeon is probably right and I'm fine but still... Help me quiet that voice and tell me I'm ok! haha.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope everyone is well!

09-25-2016, 11:30 PM
Great report. Glad you are doing well

09-28-2016, 07:57 AM
So for those of you that are 2+ years out -- how did you KNOW you were fused?
My surgeon told me I was fused by the x-rays at 7 or 8 months. At 10 months, I fell over a rock camping, and did a very hard face slam and for a second thought I destroyed everything my surgeon did with my spine. Of course that wasnít the case.

So, a series of crashes and falls, and progressive lifting events. I have lifted around 75# just to test things out. I donít do this much thatís for sure, and have learned what I can lift and how. Its always better to ask for help if possible, I think that we donít really deserve to have to function as well as the rest of the population......people donít offer much help anymore since they see me working harder than most 25 year olds setting the work ethic.....

Movement heals and grows bone. If you have desk job, get up often and walk around. I now have to do this for my eyes, not my spine. (smiley face)

We are just like sharks. We have to keep moving......

Sounds like you are doing great!