View Full Version : Massage Beds

03-10-2005, 02:06 PM
About 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. As my pains keep increasing, I keep looking for alternative therapies and treatments.
Chiropractic seems to help quite a bit but it can be expensive and time consuming. I like doing chinups on a pullup bar as it helps to provide me traction pulling my spine down and straight but I tend to be lazy also. uugh!
I also sleep at night with a pillow between my legs and "try" to get enough rest. All of this seems to help.

Recently though, I came across something called a Migun bed that provides massage and heat/IR therapy. The company claim is that it will help just about anything by improving circulation in the spine and ridding your body of any poisons or toxins as well as streching your spine.

Has anyone heard of these beds and/or have any opinions on them for back pain? I can't seem to find much info on them other than from the people who actually sell them. Thanks!

Chris Barbot