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12-01-2014, 11:32 AM
I have been waiting over a year to get approved for Social Security Insurance and/or Disability Insurance due to complications/pain from my severe scoliosis and mental conditions. I am currently looking for a very good Lawyer/Attorney in my area (Roseburg, Oregon) that can help me prepare and file my appeal and represent me at my hearing with the administrative law judge.

If you have or had any experience in filing for these conditions I would appreciate hearing about your experiences in filing and at trial. Also I would value your opinion on a lawyer in my area.:

• severe curve of 62 degrees of scoliosis
• 17 degree kyphosis
• 33 degree levoscolosis
• Severe multi-level facet arthropathy
• Moderate foraminal stenosis on one or more levels
• Moderate degenerative disc disease on one or more
• Moderate eccentric bulging of the disc on one or more levels
• Broad based bulging on one or more discs
• Focal protusion of disc on one or more
• Ligamentum flavum thickening causing impingement upon left lateral recess on one or more levels
• Moderate endplate signal hyperintensity~degeneration of the marrow on one or more
• Moderate to severe disc space narrowing with endplate spurring and desiccation on one or more
• indention of the ventral thecal sac
• Mild right and moderate left neural foraminal stenosis secondary to degenerative, spurring and disc height loss on one or more
• posterior spondylotic osteophytes
• bilateral vertebral joint arthrosis
• degenerative arthrosis both knees
• slight pelvic tilt
• Depression
• Anxiety

Please no unasked for comments or opinions about going on disability. I'm in enough pain as it is, and I just want to hear from those who have been through the process. I have tons of records and letters from doctors, but as I'm under fifty the Social Security rules are much tougher for me. I would especially like to hear from anyone else who was under fifty at time of filing.

Thanks for your understanding. You can email me at hdsluckygirl@gmail.com

03-23-2015, 12:12 AM

Let me encourage you about Social Security Disability. You probably WILL receive it, it just takes times. I received it last year when I was 48. I was rejected twice, and I went to trial, where I was granted it immediately. The judge was very nice and understanding. Although my case is slightly different because I had three Scoliosis surgeries and therefore had "failed back syndrome" you still have lumbar degeneration, and "severe Scoliosis" since your curve is above 45 degrees. It states clearly in the SS literature that spinal stenosis with MRI or CT imaging is grounds for disability. You can also tell the judge that the only "cure" for your spinal condition is a massive Scoliosis surgery which you don't want to have and which isn't a sure cure anyway. (I'm assuming you're not having surgery, maybe you are) but in any case Social Security Disability is not dependent on surgeries - they can't tell you to, or make you, have a surgery to get better.

From the time of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) to trial was a year and a half for me. Then, it was about three months till I got my back money. It wasn't much as I was self-employed my whole life, but I did pay taxes and I did have just enough points to get it. I now get $850 per month. Not much as I'm single with no husband, kids, or significant other. But at least I won't wind up totally destitute. And, if you earned more in your past job you will get more money. There is also SSSI for people who have not worked and are disabled. One note: be aware (and I did NOT know this) that once you are on SSDI you have to pay for MediCare yourself, which is $110 per month and then it only covers 80% of bills. You also have to pay a yearly fee of a hundred something for hospital.

I wish you the best.