View Full Version : Tethered cord

12-01-2003, 06:53 PM
Thanks so much for responding. Yes, the MRI will also be checking for a tethered spinal cord. He suggested that we have the MRI but I foolishly asked that we wait until March for the testing as I was nervous, and didnt realize that if it was tethered, they could fix the problem immediately. I was worried about having to put Hunter under anesthesia.
The orthopedic surgeon is the best in our area. (Ottawa, Ontario) My brother was also born with scoliosis and a heart defect, was treated by him almost 20 years ago.
I was wondering if anyone knows if Hunter did have any abnormalities of the heart or kidneys, would there be any symptoms, or would I not be able to know until the MRI and ultrasounds are done?
Thanks so much for all the information. We'll keep in touch, I'll write back soon.