View Full Version : daughters first visit after 1 month in boston brace

01-31-2005, 09:29 PM
I just wanted to say... My daughter 10 yrs old .... After one month of religiously wearing her boston brace - has went from 35 degree curve to 18!!!! She has an advantage with attitude toward the brace - because I too have/ had scoliossis. I wore a brace for years then surgery and am fine in every way with no issues..,.. I know the brace is only a preventitive for the curve not to progess while she's growing and the surgery will probably still be necessary - but just a positive for little girls out there - the brace works and it is the answer to a worry free adult life - just like me.... It is difficult but attitude is 99% of the battle. If anyone wants to talk to someone who has been there done that so to speak- I am more than happy to to talk or write... I feel my daughter has an advantage (although I probably passed this scoliossis thing on to her) having a mom who really understands and I just guess I hope if there are any other gals or boys who have stuff they just feel like mom/dad doesn'tunderstand maybe just maybe I can help a bit....