View Full Version : Anybody else with knee problems after fusion?

03-09-2012, 11:41 PM
Hi all,

My surgery was about 6 1/2 weeks ago (1/23). I've had some occasional issues with knee pain since then. The physical therapist that had been coming to my house until this past Friday told me that it was most likely a knee tracking problem due to my weak quad muscles. I noticed knee pain under the following circumstances:

-- sometimes when doing mini-squats at my kitchen sink (where I'm supposed to pretend I am getting ready to sit in a chair)
-- most of the time when doing heel slides on my bed with my right leg, unless I do them very slowly
-- occasionally when doing straight leg raises on my bed with my right leg
-- intermittently when going down the stairs, particularly on the left leg
-- occasionally when standing up from a seated position, with more pain usually the result of sitting longer

I've done some reading about "patellar tracking disorder" and "patellofemoral pain syndrome", which both describe symptoms similar to what I've been feeling at times. I'm guessing that I should probably mention this to the doctor, rather than wait and tell him at my next appointment which is in April. It seems like much of the conservative treatment for this issue may be contraindicated for a patient in the early stages of recovery from fusion surgery (T9 to sacrum in my case). For example, NSAIDs are one of the treatments suggested for patellar tracking disorder, but NSAIDs and fusions work well together.

I'm curious to know if anybody else has encountered this type of problem, and if so, how it was solved.

-- Thanks,

03-10-2012, 08:02 AM
I've had some knee issues post surgery but I think it's because I did so much squatting the first months after surgery. Since I wasn't supposed to bend from the hips, I relied heavily on my knees. I have been lifting weights for almost 20 years and have very strong quad and hamstring muscles. I now try to do a golfer's squat or just bend from the hips since I can do that again. Knees are still weak, though. Hoping it doesn't develop into anything more serious. I am back to weight lifting and am hoping that over time, my knees will be back to normal.