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01-09-2005, 05:39 PM
HeY eVeRyBoDy!!!

I am afraid to wear my TLSO brace to school! I am afraid that other people will make fun of me. Do any of you have a TLSO brace that u had to wear to school? Did people make fun of you? Everyone knows who i am and i have a lot of friends but i am still scared. Any info?!

ThAnK yOu!!!

01-16-2005, 05:27 PM
im 13 and in grade 8 right now and believe me, i know exactly what its like. Since you have a lot of friends you really shouldn't worry, they won't desert you just because you have a brace, yes when i first started school in september, i tried to be small and avoid bumping into people in the hallways between classes, but like even if ppl do ask why your back is so hard tell them the truth, don't say its like a "bulletproof vest" or something ( tho, that is funnie) bcuz if you hide away, then the others (especially those girls that think only of their looks) might pick on you.

My point is pretend its no big deal ( i knoe it is thogh) if they ask; say summit like:"oh, that's just my back brace, i wear cuz i have a curve in my spine" if YOU pretend it's no big deal then they will think so too.

Don't think its the end of the world just think that the brace is only TEMPORARY once you take it off everything will be absolutely fine, trust me, you're not the only with stuck in this kind of situation, if you ever need support I'll be more than glad to help (if I can that is) my e-mail is blue_angel_288@hotmail.com

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01-19-2005, 10:24 PM
Grr....it makes me want to cry cuz i dont really have any really good friends at my school and i dk im scared to wear it at school too cuz yea woo. but itll be fine , my ortho said that he puts on like 3 braces a week so it cant be too bad, yey, umm the and... lol:D

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01-30-2005, 04:23 PM
hi, my name is michelle and i am still fighting with my daughter about wearing her brace to school. i think you two would have alot to talk about if you want her name is morgan you can email her. cheer_angel_16154@yahoo.com thanks and i hope all goes well for you.

01-30-2005, 05:22 PM
My daughter went into her brace 14 months ago late in her Form 1 year (I think that's like 7th grade in the U.S) She didn't tell anybody except her very special mates about it because she was afraid of being teased. So she then had to spend the whole next year trying to hide it -- changing out for P.E. in the restroom instead of the changing room, never taking off her bulky school jersey no matter how hot it was, performing extreme avoidance moves in any contact game, etc. It turned out that when people did find out (as they inevitably did, because the fool thing shows under her clothes, and people just run into you sometimes), they didn't really tease her about it after all. Even the mean girls who usually rag on anyone not super popular for any little difference. Maybe they realised that it would be uncool to tease someone about a health thing, maybe they thought it was exotic or exciting or something. Don't know. Anyway, in the end she sort of wished she had just told everybody about it right at the beginning to avoid having to sneak around, and having to explain it over and over again whenever someone found out.

The teenage years are a very insecure time, and teenagers will pick on any perceived weakness or difference to make themselves feel strong, powerful and protected. Adults (me included) will always tell you that people who act like that are jerks and losers and their opinions don't matter, but I suspect that doesn't help much if you're the one getting humiliated in the cafeteria. But really, really truly, anyone who teases you because of your brace is a jerk and a loser (or at least very frightened and insecure) and I reckon you would be within your rights to tell them so, if that works for you, or just think it in your head and ignore them.

Two little suggestions: You don't say how old you are, but if your parents will let you watch a movie called Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, do so (It has a couple of dodgy bits in it that some parents won't find appropriate for the under-15s, I guess). In that movie, the girl who plays Phoebe on Friends is a woman who had scoli in high school and wore a Milwaukee brace. The school gop (don't know the current U.S. term for this: it's the really mean popular girl, like Tom Tom in 13 Going on 30) teases her cruelly, then gets a major come-uppance in the end of the movie. My daughter has watched this movie about 15 million times.

Second, wander over to www.spinekids.com. Large group of very cool teenage scoli girls there who talk all the time about things like clothes, teasing, social life, etc. while in the brace.

Cheers -

New Zealand

01-31-2005, 10:23 AM
Hi! My daughter is almost 14 and has been wearing a Boston Brace for 1 1/2 years! She was very upset about having to wear the brace to school and had all of the same concerns and fears that you have. She talked to a distant cousin who has scoliosis. The cousin said that she told all of her friends about it and would knock loudly on her brace and would say that she had "abs of steel!" Then she'd let her friends "knock" on her, too.

Well, my daughter took her advice and did the same thing. Not only did her friends love knocking on her brace, but it became a fun thing to do. The "joking" sort of attitude ("abs of steel") really, really helped, and not one person has ever bothered her or made fun of her. Other kids would hear about it too and want to try to "knock" on her. After several months, the knocking got to be a bit much, so she just asked them to stop, and they did.

I hope this helps! Best wishes to you and hang in there!

02-19-2005, 10:51 AM
thank you everyone... i have finally wore my brace to school!! yaye 4 me!! lol well thank u for all the advice and everything i really appreciate it!!




09-04-2005, 05:54 PM
HeY eVeRyBoDy!!!

I am afraid to wear my TLSO brace to school! I am afraid that other people will make fun of me. Do any of you have a TLSO brace that u had to wear to school? Did people make fun of you? Everyone knows who i am and i have a lot of friends but i am still scared. Any info?!

ThAnK yOu!!!



10-23-2005, 09:10 AM
nobody cares about how you look that much these days, so i think that everyone should wear thier braces to school. I have not gotten mine yet, but i am about to. I will wear it to school every day, and peoplemight even feel sorry for me! :eek:

from billie :)

12-10-2005, 05:07 PM
hi! its' been a while since I've posted here..... almost a year!! some things have changed over past year for me now... like I'm 14 now, I started high school in september (it's great! :) I've made SOO many new friends!! ) but best of all..... I've been given the THUMBS UP!! yay! I finished wiv the brace...and it's a really great feeling, you know? I mean, it's quite an accomplishment. So for every girl (and guy...but mostly girls get scoliosis..) out there that needs to wear a brace, I wish the BEST of luck, and once again, if u ever need support, fall back on your family and friends!! they're there for this sort of thing!!

you can e-mail me too if you'd like, I'll try to help... omeffingg_itsdiana@hotmail.com (formerly blue_angel) :p

P.S. How is everyone doing with their curves? ;)