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01-08-2005, 09:33 AM
After receiving the devastating news of my curve progression to 66 deg T/55 deg L,(compens) , in November and the idea to "strongly consider" the spinal fision surgery,I went yesterday to confer with my cardiologist as I had a congenital heart defect repaired in 1989 when I was 31.
NOTE:My cardiologist is a very prominant,well respected doctor in my area for many years doing various cardiac procedures in his practice..
I was concerned with the heart/lung issues , mainly in my condition as I have really minimal pain associated with my condition at the moment and am a very active person..hiking , walking -no limitations ..
ANYWAY..he said that heart related complications are rare..as I have read often in various articles etc..,but suggested
1. Follow up with opinion # 2 at UCSF with Dr. David Bradford as I am currently waiting for a rererral from my primary care doctor.
2.Consider more conservative approaches before signing onto this huge surgery..suggested to " back in" to this surgery..says many doctors are quick to operate as a " fixall" before trying more conservative methods
3.Said DON"T buy in to the 10 years from now I'll be 10 years older theme.used by surgeons sometimes...he said though one may recoup faster the younger a body is, people are typically operated on up in to the 70's..and maybe the condition will not get as bad as projected!

With my previous heart condition I was told" without this surgery you WILL have a very shortened life span involving cardiopulmonary failure in 10- 20 years..it will definately progress because I had a hole the size of a quarter between my two atria.
They did not give me a chioce to make
With the scoliosis, it is not conclusive..it may likely progress and cause problems..but not FOR SURE..
I do not wan't to have surgery unless it is a life-threatening situation.

My cardiologist suggested I have a echocardiogram with treadmill test every couple of years to get a baseline and evaluate my systems and I am scheduled to go in for the test in 2 weeks.
This test will evaluate my heart as well as the respiratory..
My cardiologist though admittedly is not an authority on scoliosis as I wan't to reiterate did urge me to pursue my consult with the expert..but speaking in generality noted the other points.
His last words to me before I left were: "Don't worry and LIVE!!"

I have been racked with apprehension making my heart palpatate..increased back pain..due to the stress I've felt.. I'm trying to calm down a bit and try to think more positive