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01-07-2005, 10:31 PM
My 21 year old dtr just had surgery 3 weeks ago, and after having had several pulmonary complications we came home to recup...all seemed going pretty well until 2 days ago, we went to the mall and after a few hours she started having pain and swelling on one shoulder and clavicle area. She called her surgeon and he told her to just take it easy...She has been putting iced packs for most of the day today, but the swelling is still the same...can someone tell me how serious is this? and am I beeing overly concerned (she is not!).

01-07-2005, 10:56 PM

Swelling and pain are pretty common post-op. If the surgeon isn't worried, you probably shouldn't be either. (Easier said than done, huh?)

The mall at 3 weeks post-op is probably pushing it a bit. :-)


01-07-2005, 11:10 PM
I guess the reason why I'm concerned is because those particular areas of her shoulder and neck where looking fine even right after the surgery. Now her left shoulder looks higher than the left, and assymetrical in comparison to her neck...and is sore...We really didn't go shopping or walked a lot that day... I'm totally freaked out and pretending I'm not...I guess my concern is that "things" will set in a bad angle in her back and as they heal and they would heal in the wrong alignement or something...do you guess what I'm trying to say? We've come through a dark tunnel with her surgery and major complications with her lungs, and finally all that has been resolved, but now this...and by the way, her surgeon wasn't concerned when her heart rate went up to the 140' and even 160's for a couple of days and because I pressed the issue, we found out that she had more than a liter of fluid in her left lung!