View Full Version : scoliosis and pregnancy

12-31-2004, 03:56 PM
I had two children within 16 months and did not have time to find out why my back gave out on the first pregnancy. I was always told that my scoliosis was not that bad. Then I unexpectantly got pregnant. I could hardly walk the whole time. I was on disability the whole time and had heart tachacardia. I would definitely wait until your back is much better. I divorced soon after I found out about my second pregnancy. My health was bad and it ruined my life. I had no idea that my scoliosis and degenerative disc and herniated discs were so bad. I've had four children. It is getting impossible to take care of my two young ones by myself and my exhusband likes his harley and young girlfriend instead of his children. Please know that anything can happen and that pain is not something that you can share with someone who does not understand what you are going through. I had my back checked in 1995 and they said it was not bad. Three years later and two children later, and they say I have a back of an eighty year old woman. So please take care of yourself first. Children are a blessing and if it was'nt for mine, I would'nt put up with this pain for this long. Be greatful for the wonderful child you have now.