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12-30-2004, 10:50 PM
more questions for y'all thanks!
66 deg T curve convex
At work lately I have to lift rather heavy cyliders up above my chest area. This will not be an all the time thing...but
I am right handed and the weight is mostly on my "humped side".will that pull the curve to the right??

How about laying on the "flat side..will it crush my ribs together more on that side?I hear that the "flat side the ribs smash together>>
but I see a frontal rib seem to stick up on the left(flat side), but not on the right side ,...???
Is the side my heart on getting smashed??maybe I should consult my cardiologist. I go in 2X a year for a check, but never have mentioned the scoliosis condition as an issue

12-30-2004, 11:21 PM

In scoliosis, especially in the thoracic area, the rib cage rotates. Usually the ribs will be prominent in the from on the left, and on the back on the right. My non-medical advice would be to sleep in whatever way is most comfortable. :-)

If the cylinders are really heavy, I would recommend that you try to find a way so that you don't have to lift them. Your discs are already at risk of degeneration, and lifting heavy objects probably increases that risk.