View Full Version : Hi Everyone, I'm New Here!

12-29-2004, 01:24 PM
Hello to Everyone,

This forum has been very informative. Let me introduce myself. I'm Lisa, 23 from NJ. I have been diagnosed with scoliosis since I was 12. We almost had surgery but decided against it last minute. I've gotten a lot better from exercises and chriopractor visits for the past 7 years. My condition doesn't bother me much anymore. It never really hurt unless I'm under a lot of stress that's when my neck muscles tightens and creates pinching pains around the area.

My spine has an S-curve. The bottom portion of the spine curve to the left. And the right side seems like it's missing a whole chunk of meat. It makes me very self conscious. I don't wear any type of brace. But I'm wondering if anyone knows what I can do to even out the right side of my waist? Is there anything that's similar to those fake boobs made of polyutherane (the gel molds adjusts to the body with the body heat) that I can strap across on the right side to disguise the excessive inward curve when I wear tight fitting clothes?