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11-18-2003, 05:22 PM
i've been wearing the brace for like...1 1/2 years now...i think. ^_-
and im still not used to it~! i started with a 38 degree top curve...and 25 bottom. and then i got the xray again mm...3 months later, and it was down to top 8 degrees and bottom 4 degrees, and i figured oh...its ok now, just like 1 more month. and then from that time to the next appointment...i just wore it to sleep and my parents thought it was ok too, and the next time i got its up to 26 and 22, so i got really sad and my parents got really mad, and all that stuff. so i wore it well for about a year and during all that time it went back and stayed around 8 and 3...and then during the summer...coz i love church i totally love it, and i went on a mission trip to mexico to spread the word and all that good stuff. 11-day trip. and the next apointment i was at 38 and 29. worse than when i started. and ever since mexico it was so hard to adjust again. now i pretend i wear it to school. and just wear it at home, church, and sleeping. which is like....16 hours about. and i know thats not good enough...and they said i would get surgery if i kept goin like this....but its so hard, and i dont know what to do anymore. i still have 3 years left in this thing. and sometimes it just annoys me that im letting this molded piece of plastic ruin my youth....you know? and sometimes i cry, sometimes i scream at God, coz i wanna know why He gave me this, and a lot of times i scream at my parents because they both had scoliosis in their families, and so its because of their genes and stuff i have it, and niether of them ever had a brace so it just really annoys me. ..and this is not fair coz im only 13 and this totally killed my preteen years and its gonn ruin everything...prom, sweet sixteen, dating.....all that..ughhh..2 years ago my faith was so amazing. i was ready to jump of a cliff in a second if it was what God wanted....all that good stuff. but now......its just the dragging life. with a lot of tears

11-18-2003, 06:21 PM
HI girl!
I know how ya feel. Im 12 and have worn a brace scence i was 8monthes old:(. LAst time i went to the doc he ssaid i would need surgery and january would be the best time to do it!!
I were a brace [as u know] but i dont wear it to school i guess i should but i dont have the power 2 [mentally] And thats probly why i need sugery so badly!!! I have 2 curves that r both around 60 so my curve is a little worse than ur's is.
But scoliosis wont ruin ur life! At least thats what every1 tells me thats had it!! Dont worry though!! But trust me u will wished u would of had the surgery when ur curve gets as bad as mine so wear ur brace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

11-22-2003, 09:15 PM
I'm the mom. I was reading your posting and it made me realize that perhaps you need an analogy to compare yourself to. I've explained it to my daughter like this. She lived many years in a very windy state. All of the trees were bent to the north from the wind blowing. The wind didn't blow ALL of the time, but it blew often enough and hard enough to train the trees to grow a certain way. Now a prudent home owner would stake his new trees when he first planted them. He would keep the ropes tight on all sides so that the wind wouldn't cause the tree to bend. This staking was left in place for many years and if the home owner was diligent and resecured his stakes from time to time to make sure they were tight, when his tree was mature it was straight and tall.

Your body doesn't grow all of the time. It grows in little spurts. You never know when it is growing. Your brace is your staking. It must be kept in place at all times so that it will be prepared for the wind. If you will wear it until your body is mature, hopefully you will be able to avoid surgery and be straight and tall.

This is a lot like your Christian faith. If you only wear it when times are bad and take it off when times are good, Satan can get to you. Remember God doesn't give us any more than He knows we can bear. God is teaching you patience and acceptance of yourself. You are you whether you wear a brace or not. The brace will not ruin your life, dating, or any other occasion. Only your attitude can ruin that. Arm yourself with friends that you can lean on when your brace is a challenge. Remind yourself that you need to wear it ALL of the time. Only take it off long enough to clean yourself and it and to participate in any sports. The rest of the time let it help you to grow straight and tall.

Remember that everytime you take it off you are making a choice. You are choosing to let your body curve and setting yourself up for surgery. Choose to be thankful that God has provided a way to heal you with this brace. Healing from God comes in many ways.

I wish you the best and I'll pray for you. Take each day one at a time.

Stormy girl's Mom

11-23-2003, 03:10 PM
Hey Paige my name is Hannah. I already have talked to StormyGal on aol. So we are friends. (I think its her at lease, i am not totally sure tho) But any way, e-mail me k cus i really wanna tlak to ya. U seem like a real sweetie. My e-mail is cheerbootyshaker@yahoo.com or my aol s/n is OoOBarbiegrl3722 Thanks!!!

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