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07-25-2011, 10:55 AM
Hi Everyone,

I was able to bump up my MRI results appt to today and am getting anxious. Over the weekend my right leg from the knee down are numb and pins/needles. I woke up this morning and have the same thing in my right hand and forearm.

PT this morning was really good and I had a fabulous massage which was such a blessing.



07-25-2011, 01:28 PM
good luck with your mri appt

07-25-2011, 04:11 PM
Hi Everyone,

Here are some of the highlights of the MRI results:

C2 - 3: no abnormal buldge or herniation
C3 - 4: grade I degenerative retrolisthesis w/ prominent degenerative disk disease
C4 - 5: moderate degenerative disk disease
C5 - 6: prominent degenerative disk disease
C6 - 7: prominent degenerative disk disease
C7 - T1: minor central disk buldge

In thoracic MRI, most have no abnormal disk bulge except:
T5 - 6 & T6 - 7 & T11 - 12: mild spondylitic change w/out abnormal disk bulge
T7 - 8 through T9 - 10: mild degenerative disease

T12 - L1: mild spondylitic changes
L1 - 2: desiccation with mild annular bulge
L2 - 3 & L4 - 5: no abnormal disk bulge
L3 - 4: desiccation w/out abnormal disk bulge
L5 - S1: minor right paramedian disk bulge

So I'm not sure what all this means other than I have a herniated disk in my neck along with 3 disks that are pressing into my spinal cord (doc showed me on the images).

I'm curious to hear what the surgeon has to say on Wed. I was able to bump up my appt for heart ultrasound to tomorrow morning. I'm praying that my issues do not require open heart surgery as doc said this might be a possibility depending on what he sees in the results. While I'm now getting anxious about tomorrow's appointment, I will at least get some sort of pain med from doc for back pain and migraine.

Today's MRI doc feels numbness in arm and leg are not caused by spinal issue since the numbness is not the entire arm and leg, but it starts from the knee down and elbow to hand. I'm SO glad my hubby was with me because he asked doc if changing from B12 injections (I have severe B12 deficiency) to B12 nasal spray (I loathe injections) might have played a part in the numbness. Doc stepped out of the room, came back and said she looked up symptoms of B12 deficiency and said there is a very strong possibility the change from injection to spray may be causing the numbness.

As soon as we came home, I looked at the dosage of the injections v. spray and guess what. Injections were 1,000 mcg and nasal spray were only 500 mcg. I'm a little frustrated that the neurologist who prescribed B12 spray cut my dose in half. I left a message for her to ask if I can just double up on the spray.

All in all, I'm thankful I've taken the steps to figure out what been going on with my body.