View Full Version : Looking for a new surgeon for post op care after scoliosis surgery in Mpls or St Paul

01-30-2011, 05:07 PM
Hi, I had upper thorasic spine fusion T-2 to T-11 11 weeks ago and have seen my surgeon a few timessince due to pain and probems. What I have learned is, he is an excellent surgeon, but not a follow up Dr. He doesnt seem interested and is in and out of the office visit in a couple of minutes. I have fluid sacs that have gradually developed on 1 elblow, then the other and now both knees and I can hardly stand the pain in my legs walking and laying down. I have terrible pain in my spine on the right with a hard small lump protruding and alot of inner pain in that area as well. My Dr is unconcerned. If anyone has had a good Dr in Minnesota please refer to me. I think the Mayo Clinic would be a good place but there is a year long wait to get in there...

01-30-2011, 07:54 PM

While I don't necessarily think it's a bad idea to find a doctor to see your through recovery, I can tell you from a lot of experience, that just about every pain or symptom you have in the early preop period is normal. It would be nice if your surgeon stayed and listened to you, and spent more time assuring you that it is normal, but in reality, they are often too busy to take that kind of time.

I think the things that they look for in the first year are things like loss of correction, fever, and pain of duration in one specific spot. Just about everything else is simply part of healing.

Good luck with recovery.


01-31-2011, 11:31 AM
Linda, thank you for your help. I do have ongoing pain in 2 areas of my back that are triggered by standing or sitting for a short period of time and I drop everything as I cant see in front of myself, my dexterity is so bad now. 1 area of pain (upper on spine) is worse than the other. I asked my surgeon at my last visit if this new pain was normal and he said no. He also said he didnt know why I had the pain, and he ordered an MRI and blood work. I was told neither showed anything. I surely realize now the long and painful healing process after this surgery and I was SO positive afterwards but I have gone backwards with problems now and more pain, yet no answers. I wish like you said, that my surgeon would give me some time, listen to where my pain is and care. I need another Dr. I'm not sure if others who have ended up on goverment health care insurance are having the same problem with their Drs not spending time with them. All the Dr's Ive seen since on this health care insurance, except one- my Gynocologist who is so wonderful and caring, have been very abrupt, and push me out the door within minutes. I actually have had my eye Dr and a Neurologist last summer carry on and complain to ME about the new health care president Obama got in place during my office visits. I am treated differently... I feel its because of my insurance now that I am unemployed.