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12-29-2010, 07:58 AM
8 Days Post Op

Hi All I made it. I m home and moving around slowly. I had post. fusion T10 -L3 by DR. Lonner on 12/21. still in a lot of pain and everytime I think about cutting dowm on pain meds I can't. My biggest problem of this whole experience has been my bowels. I am suffering beyond belief with constipation/gas/bloating/distention. Doc's have tried ememas, supositories, laxatives, etc. but I still am blown up with so much gas I look 9 months pregnant and prior to surgery I was only 105 pounds. It almost feels as if this is worse than the surgery itself. As far as surgery, doc says it went perfect. I am 41 years old, doc said my bones were so strong that he was sore after surgery (which is a good thing). Not sure of curve correction but started ou with T-41 which was left alone and L-68 which was corrected to probably 20 ish degrees.

Does anyone have any advise for the bowel pain from the distention which is killing me. Like I said I am walking with walker, tried enemas, suppositories,prune juice, colase, etc.
Anyway would love the hear from anyone who experiences this.

Have not been on for a while so hope all recent surgeries went well and best of luck to all upcoming!!


Jacque's Mom
12-29-2010, 09:38 AM
Hi Katie - I can relate to your problem! I had my surgery on 12/7 and when in the hospital I was so distented, I said I could give birth to twins! The pain was just awful. They tired everything in the hospital but what they gave me last was "Miralax" and then a suppository and the combination worked. When I got home, the visiting nurse gave told me to take the following in order to have a bowel movement. Heat a glass of prune juice to the temperature of a hot tottie and take Milk of Magnesia. That certainly works. I also have four prunes a day. I also am taking colase and having fiber cereal, etc. but for you to get "going", you have to jumpstart your system. The Miralax you mix into a any liquid. I do not taste it at all when I put it in orange juicer. Milk of Magnesia, well not the greatest, but works! I have been home since 12/14.

Cutting back on your meds? You just had surgery, and I wouldn't suggest that. You have to keep your pain at a comfortable level. You'll know when you can cut back, but I wouldn't suggest you do it so soon. I'm home two weeks and the only thing I've changed as far as my medicine is I am taking the Oxy every six hours instead of every four. I am taking the same dose, just changed the time.

Take care and good luck on your recovery.