View Full Version : hardware removed, 1 week ago tomorrow

11-08-2010, 08:41 PM
The surgery went well. Dr. Tribus had scheduled it for 3 hrs, and he finished it in 1 1/2. The best he could tell, I am fused (hooray!!) but he will order a CT in 6 - 12 mos to verify. He decided to skip the culture, it looked that good. I go or a follow-up on 12/13. I was discharged Thurs evening.

My post-op pain has been excruciating, but the pain meds are making it bearable. I do believe that I'm a little better today so, without noticing it, I was up quite a bit (relatively) this afternoon, and I am feeling it.

For pain control, I am suppose to take 4 oxycodone every 3 hours, and wean myself, with pain as my guide. I did try to drop to 3 pills once today, and I wasn't ready. My guess is that, though this early period is painful, it won't last long. . .nothing compared to having 12 levels fused (though it's NOT "nothing" now, I'm sure that it will be when this all becomes a memory). I am hoping to feel fairly normal by Dec.

I can't say enough about the RNs and the CNAs who took care of me during my hosp stay. Like we've said before, receiving such kindness is heartwarming and humbling. I am grateful for all that this experience has brought me, going back to my fusion surgery 8/25/09.

I'm still waiting for my first post-op GI event. :eek: