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Ballet Mom
10-12-2010, 12:34 PM
May 19, 2010 SAN DIEGO -- Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego announced today that it is the first pediatric hospital in the United States to install EOS (pronounced ee-ohs) ultra-low-dose imaging system. EOS, manufactured by biospace med and based on Nobel-prize winning technology, captures head-to-toe images of children in a standing, weight-bearing position with a considerable reduction in radiation dosage.

“The EOS system represents substantial progress in pediatric imaging because it not only significantly reduces radiation exposure for children but also makes possible the first weight-bearing 3D images for better surgical planning,” said Dr. Peter Newton, orthopedic surgeon and scoliosis authority at Rady Children’s Hospital.

While standard x-rays capture only portions of the body, EOS scans the entire child at once, producing high-resolution 3D images. Current imaging technology requires several images that are then spliced together. With EOS, the process is quick, easy and non-threatening: the child enters the machine, which is about the size of a dressing room, places his or her hands on a panel, and stands still. The machine does the rest, scanning the child in less than 20 seconds, similar to the way a photocopier works. EOS will be primarily be used for pediatric cases involving imaging of the spine, since these cases often involve repeated x-rays from over many years.

“Reduction of radiation exposure is especially important for children and adolescents who have scoliosis or other types of musculoskeletal disorders that are being followed on a frequent basis, and therefore need to have regular x-rays over a long period of time in order to watch the progression of their condition and treatment,” said Dr. Newton. “A technology that can reduce radiation exposure up to 9 times compared to a conventional CR x-ray is a major breakthrough for orthopedic imaging – especially in the pediatric population.”

“We are making significant progress in our mission to establish our EOS imager and its 3D bone-modeling sterEOS workstation as a standard of care in the imaging of pediatric populations for all orthopedic indications that require a true weight-bearing assessment to ensure the best possible treatment-planning,” added Marie Meynadier, Ph.D., chief executive officer of biospace med.

About Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego: Rady Children's Hospital is a 261-bed pediatric care facility providing the largest source of comprehensive pediatric medical services in San Diego, Southern Riverside and Imperial Counties. As the sole hospital in the San Diego area dedicated exclusively to pediatric healthcare, Rady Children's is the region’s only designated pediatric trauma center. On October 10, 2010, Rady Children's will open the Acute Care Pavilion, a LEED-Certified (green) building that will be home to the incredible new Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, the state-of-the-art Warren Family Surgical Center, and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that cares for our community’s tiniest and most fragile babies In 2001, Rady Children’s formed a partnership with the University of California-San Diego to unify pediatric patient care, research, education, and community service programs. For more information, visit www.rchsd.org

About biospace med
biospace med was founded on a unique partnership between Nobel Prize-winning physicist Georges Charpak, Ph.D., and a team of biomedical engineers, orthopedic surgeons and radiologists who developed a complete orthopedic imaging solution. The Company’s lead product, EOS ultra-low-dose 2D|3D imager, allows full-body imaging of patients in a weight-bearing position that enables global assessment of balance and posture. The sterEOS workstation enables 3D bone-envelope-modeling in a weight-bearing position and provides over 100 clinical parameters to the orthopedic surgeon for pre- and post-operative surgical planning. EOS and sterEOS offer a total solution in orthopedic imaging now available in the U.S. since receiving FDA 510(k) clearance. The Company has corporate headquarters in Cambridge, Mass. (185 Alewife Brook Parkway, Suite 410; toll-free: +1-866-933-5301), and Paris, as well as an office in Montreal, and is targeting a $2 billion orthopedic imaging marketplace.


11-05-2010, 07:10 PM
My daughter had her X-Rays done on this machine. Is there anyone else on this forum from the San Diego area? Anyone else who sees Dr. Newton?

11-16-2010, 11:08 PM
Hello, nice to acquaint with someone being treated at the same place :^)
I have 2 boys with scoli. the oldest had fusion surgery in 2005, my youngest has an appt. with Dr. Newton tomorrow, and will probably be discussing surgery in the near future :^(
Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk.


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thanks so much for posting this!

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That's awesome! I'll never know if the cause of my repeated miscarriages was due to radiation exposure or not, but for our next generation of kids this is great news. I think they should employ this technology for adults as well. Does anyone know if or where they do?