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11-12-2004, 09:41 PM
Dear Kimber and Angelover,
Thank you for your positive responses. Now I don't feel quite so
overwhelmed with these issues. I'm sure I'll have more questions soon. Bless this website.

11-14-2004, 02:51 PM
Hi there:

Quite an experience, isn't it? On Tuesday you have a perfectly healthy teenager, and on Wednesday she's encased in plaster and you're reading about post-surgical infection rates. Been there, freaked out about that.

About the clothes thing: my daughter has no actual hips, so she can get by with wearing low cut jeans that actually sit below the bottom edge of the brace. She has to be careful when she leans forward, because she can get skin pinched between the bottom of the brace and the top of the jeans, but she quickly learned to avoid that. Her real problem is with shirts, because her brace comes up very high at the top and is quite noticeable under t-shirts. Of course, no sort of low neck line is possible because the brace shows over the top (her father is completely happy with the "no low-cut shirts" restriction). We have found that the best way to camouflage the brace is by layering. A short-sleeved T over a long-sleeved T makes the brace much less noticeable. Also hoodies are excellent, as the hood hangs down the back and covers the top edge of the brace completely. In New Zealand we're now heading into summer and it's harder to layer comfortably with the hot weather coming on, but it works a charm during the cooler months.

If your daughter wants to talk to some other scoli girls, she might head over to www.spinekids.com (a good site for Mums to read too) where there is a large active group of teenage posters. Some are in braces, some have already had their surgery. They're very open and supportive of eachother and have a ssemingly endless capacity for discussing clothes (and sports, and movies, and boys, and how they plan to run over their braces with pickup trucks when they get out of them).

Cheers - Patricia