View Full Version : Hospital Visit for Okay to do Surgical Revision

07-13-2010, 04:07 PM
Hi All,
We had out daughter's ID visit yesterday. They think she is clear of infection! So that is very good news. We have a second opinion visit coming at the end of the month. Various professionals have indicated this is a reallly really good idea. My daughter is still happy with our surgeon and wants to follow it through with him. In less than two years she will legally be able to make her own decisions so we may follow her desires. She trusts him and he definately has the motivation to do well.It will be interesting to see how the consult goes. This will be a real one not the 15 minute one we had earlier!
Most other professionals say our daughter was shafted. The only ones who are pushing her staying are the hospital's professionals. Even our Ped said go elsewhere. Any thoughts?

Her kyphosis has made her lose 5 inches.Despite that, she is doing very well. She dates and works as a babysitter despite the hunch and the pain. She wants the entire summer to be free of any medical work. School starts August 24 so she wants her surgery close to that. The ID doctor wanted sooner rather than later. I want August due to the July 1st Medical Rotations at the Teaching Hospitals around the country.

Thanks for listening to my anxious rants and for your kind and caring support.
It will eventually be over. Next year this will all be just a memory. Thanks Mary