View Full Version : Progress moving forwards :)

10-14-2004, 01:39 PM
Well, Hello there everybody.. It's been a little while since i last posted a thread so i thought that i would fill you in on what has been going on here with me.. Well on Mon. the 11 i finally went to get my MRI done.. I was a little bit weiry at first. You know with be in such a small space.. But it all went great.. Actually i feel asleep durring it.. The Doctor at on point he was talking to me i guess and since i was sleeping i wasn't answering and that kinda freeked him out just a little bit.. --LOL-- But he got me back cause he came in and pulled me out of the machine and the movement scared me and i bought jumped out of my skin.. Doc says, i was just checking on you cause you weren't answering me.. Wanted to make sure you were al right.. I got a trip out of the whole thing.. I can't believe that i actually feel asleep.. Oh well, i guess it was better that was.. Ya know.. Now i have to wait till Friday 15th. That's when i go to my Doctors so that he can read my reports.. Pray for me that they find the sourse of my pain and that i will quite simple to get rid of.. I pray that the pain will soon go away... I hope- I hope- i hope.. Hope with me guys.. Well i guess i will fill you in then.. Have a good one guys..
Shirley Carol