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10-13-2004, 07:49 AM
I've posted here occasionally, and have read many posts of others. I have a slight curve, about 21 degrees the chiro said. But as I'm getting older, I'm getting a lot of pain on my left side, which is "shorter" than my right. I have been having quite a bit of leg pain, and my family dr. thinks I have some inflammation in my leg, Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome. He recommended stretches and putting ice on it, and maybe coming in for a cortisone shot if the inflammation doesn't ease up. He also mentioned that my right hip looked like it was a full inch higher than my left. (And, I was even in tennis shoes that had a correcting orthotic in them.)

I had an app't with an orthopedic dr. awhile back, and ended up missing the app't because there was a "miscommunication" about which office he would be in that day, and I showed up at the other office. I was willing to drive to the office he was at, but he would not accept me there because I would've been late to the app't and he was booked.

I was pretty upset, I guess both with myself and with the dr's office, and ended up not rescheduling. But these aches on the left side of my body are driving me nuts. My left shoulder will ache, sometimes my left elbow. My left leg aches--everything left. My right side of my body is fine.

I have been doing left leg stretches that were once rx'd by a physical therapist. They might be helping a bit, but not a whole lot.

So, here are my questions. Would it be worth it for me to even see an orthopedic dr? Is he just going to look at me, say "Yup, a little bit of Scoliosis, and nothing can really be done unless you want surgery, and I don't recommend that anyways or a slight curve."?

Those of you who have taken the now-removed Vioxx, did it really make a difference? Is that only for more severe cases?


10-13-2004, 10:44 PM

My gut reaction is always to see the orthopedist, just to know their take on your condition.

As another person who has suffered leg pain and probably to do with the Ilio-Tibial band, I would say that I have been helped in the past by a good physical therapist, but even more by a Rolfer. Rolfing is a technique that aims to promote balanced musculo-skeletal function through gentle manipulation of the connective tissue. (I hope I got that completely right: there is an excellent website you can look up a precise definition on.) It is expensive, but most people go through a course of 10 sessions and then don't need to continue. It might be an option to explore.

In any case, depending on where you are located, if I were you I would try some kind of bodywork to regain some balance and hopefully relieve your pain.