View Full Version : Board certified pediatric orthopedic surgeons

03-05-2010, 10:55 PM
Their game is treatment of scoliosis using BOTH conservative (vice alternative) and surgical approaches.

Although they are surgeons, bracing is EQUALLY their game because they treat scoliosis. To suggest they are not current on a particular brace is wrong. That is equivalent to saying they are incompetent because bracing is part of their game.

These surgeons need hazard pay in my opinion just to deal with all the episodes of being thrown under the bus. People insist on getting blood from a stone.

It's not like there is anyone else out there able to treat scoliosis. They are the only game in town (except for PT to treat pain associated with scoliosis).

It is unseemly to criticize surgeons even in the most oblique and nuanced ways as we have seen. If they seem to be focused on surgical solutions it is because the conservative approaches have failed, NOT because surgeons would just rather be operating. It is enough to make a cat laugh to read some of these posts.