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  1. John Gray - San Francisco
  2. New to NSF
  3. Dr Frank Rand in Boston
  4. Washington DC/Baltimore Area
  5. Choosing A Doctor
  6. Dr. Vedat Devirenn-San Franscico
  7. Mass Hospital School In Canton, Ma
  8. Dr. Dennis Crandall/ Phoenix
  9. Dr. Murthy in Manhattan
  10. Dr. Boachie-Adjei, Hospital for Special Surgery NYC
  11. Scoliosis and Neurofibromatosis
  12. Dr. Isador Lieberman, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
  13. Sonoran Clinic
  14. New to Board
  15. S. Tredwell, Vancouver, Canada
  16. EVIL Dr.
  17. Dr. Mitchell Campbell
  18. New and confused...
  19. Scoliosis doctor during the 70s and 80s
  20. Dr. Sean McCance
  21. Dr. Boachie and Dr. Schwab
  22. Spokane Shriners
  23. Finding the right surgeon
  24. Is there a great Adult Scoli Surgeon in Florida?
  25. Choosing The Right Doctor
  26. private email
  27. Microspine Center, Florida
  28. Looking for docs in CT or NY
  29. Endoscopic Scoliosis Surgery
  30. Physicians
  31. Dr. David Bradford
  32. Dr/recommendations in Mich-U-M Hospital
  33. Doctor in San Antonio
  34. kyphosis - Boston Children's
  35. Need Excellent Adult Scoliosis Surgeon In South Carolina
  36. Need Excellent Adult Scoliosis Surgeon In South Carolina
  37. dr. boachie - new york
  38. Scoliosis Specialist Websites
  39. Scoliosis Dr. in Baltimore
  40. Kaiser Doctors?
  41. Mean Doctor
  42. Recommended Specialists?
  43. experience with GHC/UW?
  44. Best consultant required in UK please
  45. good second opinion in Seattle WA area?
  46. Cleveland's University Hospitals Health System
  47. Dr. Samuel Laufer and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
  48. Anyone see or know Dr John Brown Newport Bch Ca
  49. Michigan Dr's who handle adult scoliosis
  50. doctor messed my life up!!!
  51. physician /physician assistant
  52. hyperventalating
  53. Dr. Lawrence Lenke St. Louis MO
  54. pain & bad hospital experience
  55. Dr. George Picetti, Kaiser Permanente
  56. Shrine Hospital, Portland, OR
  57. Alder Hay, Liverpool
  58. Question Dr. Evan O'Brien
  59. Look in Texas
  60. Dr. Geiger or Dr. Montgomery of Michigan
  61. Washington State?
  62. Adult doctor in Atlanta
  63. adult scoliosis specialist in Puerto Rico?
  64. Dr. Randal Betz
  65. Dr. Andrew King
  66. Shriners Hosptial Greenville SC
  67. need recommendation for pediatric scoliosis specialist in Charlotte, Atlanta or Duke
  68. I have loose Harrington Rods?
  69. Free Surgery in Dominican Republic & Latin America
  70. has anyone been operated at shriners hospital in downtown sacramento california
  71. Dr. Khaled Kebaish, Johns Hopkins
  72. Dr. Rick McCarthy, Little Rock, AR
  73. Need suggestions for pediatric surgeon in MO or OK
  74. Chicago, Dr. DeWald specializes in scoliosis
  75. /Dr. Peter Newton, San Diego
  76. Looking for recommendations for surgeon in Chicago
  77. Dr. ANAND - LA, CA - Mt. Sinai Center any info?
  78. Info on Dr. Baron Lonner
  79. UK consultants
  80. Dr. Roy Nuzzo NJ
  81. Mark B. Dekutoski, M.D.
  82. Help for Bi-PAP machine
  83. Scoliosis specialist in NC
  84. New member. ? about doctors Little Rock, AR
  85. information about scoliosis centers in germany
  86. Dr. Richard Hu, Calgary, AB
  87. Dr. Lerman
  88. Dr. Michael Ferrick-Buffalo, NY
  89. Looking for good doctor in San Antonio, TX
  90. I am not sure what I have anymore
  91. Had spinal fusion in 1968 looking for info on complications now as an adult
  92. Rather silly question
  93. Drs James
  94. Drs James
  95. Campbell Clinic, Tennessee
  96. Twin City Spine Center
  97. Shriners hospital nothern california
  98. Dr.Francis Denis Twin City Spine Center
  99. Need revision surgery in Charlotte, NC
  100. Question on Shriner's
  101. Dr. Feldman/NYC/Congenital Scoliosis
  102. sports I can do
  103. Any input would be helpful ......
  104. Dr. Eldin Karaikovic
  105. Dr. in Houston?
  106. west coast scoliosis specialist
  107. Searching for Florida Surgeon
  108. Dr. L.Lenke/ Dr. K.Bridwell
  109. Any advice? In chronic pain and not getting help!
  110. Ohio Doctor
  111. maryland doctors?
  112. congenital scoliosis (rodding the spine to stop growing)
  113. Looking for Doctor for Adult Scoliosis in Indianapolis, IN. (post Harrington Rod)
  114. New York Lodging
  115. Dallas Scottish Rite
  116. physician locator
  117. long island surgeon wanted
  118. wesley carrion patients? longislandmom
  119. Dr Joel Lerman
  120. Still having back pain
  121. Dr. Shilt at Bowman Gray (Winston Salem, Nc)
  122. BENJAMIN not David Roy
  123. recommendations for Seattle/PugetSoundArea
  124. Looking for a good ortho in Boston
  125. doc recommendation in south/southwest VA?
  126. Where to Turn - Who to Trust!!!
  127. Dr. Lenke-St. Louis, MO
  128. Any spinal fusions of L5 to Sacrum?
  129. Thanks for info on spinal fusion T5-Sacrum
  130. New, question
  131. Opinion on Overlake Medical Center Bellevue, WA
  132. Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  133. Dr. Patrick McNulty or Dr. Mark Kabins
  134. scoliosis support group in seattle
  135. Newbie looking for help
  136. anyone know Dr. Shelokov in Dallas?
  137. Dr. Kebaish/Dr. Cohen John's Hopkins
  138. I need scoliosis information
  139. Need Hospital/Doctor Recommendations
  140. Shriner's Recomendations?
  141. trying to make an appt with Boachie
  142. Dr Recommendations in Connecticut.
  143. Dr Wahl?
  144. Dr. Scot Reeg, Greenville NC
  145. Baylor Scoliosis Commercial
  146. The Boston Spine Group Doctor Banco?
  147. Dr. Vicki Kalen
  148. Anyone knows anything about Dr. Lonner in New York?
  149. Khaled Kebaish
  150. Anyone know Dr Sean E, McCance in New York?
  151. Needing some advice on my limitations
  152. Question about old medical records
  153. Dr. Ricciardi In Louisiana?
  154. Recomendation for Physician in Charlotte
  155. anyone heard of Dr. Hepler
  156. x-rays
  157. feedback on Houston ortho surgeons?
  158. Anyone heard of Dr. Tredwell?
  159. Does anyone know Dr. Mohammad Diab @ UCSF?
  160. specific scoliosis surgeons in houston
  161. Dr. Anthony Moreno (Florida) has moved.
  162. Dr. Recommendation Arizona
  163. Munish Gupta, M.D.
  164. In the Work Place. How's your back holding up?
  165. Alexander Wright, M.D., Boston, Mass
  166. shriners hospitals
  167. Dr. Robert Pashman
  168. Dr. Boakes
  169. Dr. Jesse Dickson in Houston
  170. anyone heard of dr hostin in dallas?
  171. Scoliosis Specialists in Alabama
  172. Childrens Book to Benefit Shriners Hospitals
  173. Carle Spine Clinic Illinois
  174. Dr. Mark Bernhardt, Kansas City
  175. Dr. Boachie on Discovery Channel 9PM/1AM-EST?
  176. Surgeon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  177. doctors in TN???
  178. Kim Hammerberg?
  179. Dr. Delahaunt
  180. Spine Surgeon - Southern California
  181. Detroit Area
  182. Anbody else have this problem?
  183. Dr. Coran
  184. Surgery not needed?
  185. Dr. Akbarnia
  186. Dr. LaGrone
  187. Dr. Micheal Nuewirth
  188. RevolutionHealth.com
  189. Northern Minnesota?
  190. Anyone in the New York area?
  191. Suggestions for a doctor around Kansas?
  192. Dr. Lawrence Lenke, M.D.
  193. Dr. Miah Hahn
  194. Dr. Roth
  195. Dr. Paul Caskey?
  196. Dr Lloyd Hey - NC
  197. dr neuwirth
  198. Has anyone heard of Dr. Reynolds in Detroit?
  199. Nj / Ny
  200. Information on Portland, Oregon surgeons?
  201. Eastern Ohio/Western Pennsylvania area
  202. Dr Edward Eyering
  203. Gastonia, NC Patients??
  204. Doctors in central ohio
  205. Dr. David Skaggs CHLos Angeles??
  206. Surgeon Selection
  207. Dr Pashman
  208. Dr. Lytton Williams/Los Angeles
  209. Dr. James Policy, Northern CA
  210. Dr. Thomas Errico-NYC/NJ
  211. Dr. Akbarnia & 1st conslut
  212. Dr. Nitin Bhatia in Orange, CA
  213. Anyone heard of Dr. Kushwaha in houston?
  214. Dr Richard Francis, Houston
  215. Surgeons at CHOP
  216. Dr. DeWald in Chicago- any feedback?? Florida Dr.s?
  217. Looking Tennessee/Atlanta Surgeon
  218. Experiences with Dr. Anthony Moreno in Florida???
  219. Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  220. Death after surgery
  221. what if it was your child
  222. Physical Therapists in So. Cal.
  223. Anyone know Dr. Lawrence Haber?
  224. Dr. Kristine Fortuna
  225. my dr appt
  226. my dr appt
  227. Scoliosis Appointment Coming Up!!! (HELP)
  228. Dr. Baron Lonner
  229. Health care professionals after surgery
  230. Can anyone recommend PT in Nor. Calif.?
  231. My Appointment!!!
  232. 5 year old in IL
  233. Detroit/Ann Arbor area surgeons for post surgery second opinion
  234. Change doctors, NYC
  235. Has anyone heard of Dr. Antonacci
  236. When is your/your child's next appointment?
  237. Pre-surgery admission med exam
  238. Bumping last thread out!
  239. Dr. Lieberman
  240. just a quick question
  241. An Excellent Cause
  242. Dr. Charles G. Fisher - Vancouver, Canada
  243. Scoliosis specialists in Rochester NY
  244. Dr. Shay Bess
  245. Dr. Lloyd Hey in Raleigh, NC
  246. Kaiser N Ca
  247. Dr Finn in St Petersburg Florida?
  248. Dr. Alexander L'Heureux-OKC, OK
  249. Anyone from Idaho?
  250. Dr. Adam Barmada, pedi ortho Portland, OR