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  1. Plate Rod Spinal System
  2. Surgery on 61 year old
  3. info needed on "t-bar" surgery from 1960's
  4. post-surgery treatment
  5. Artificial Discs
  6. Surgical idea
  7. News from France
  8. Surgery an option? What kind? What else?
  9. rod removal
  10. Endoscopic mechanical spinal hemiepiphysiodesis
  11. Sports
  13. Bone morphogenetic protein
  14. rib re-section?
  15. How do I apply for disabilty social security?
  16. Possibility Of Rod Movement
  17. Sacrum-are screws o.k.?
  18. sharing the experience in the Bay Area
  19. Post surgery exercise
  20. rod recall (LOL)!
  21. thankyou
  22. need to know names of good surgical professionals or treatment centers
  23. Looking for Info on Dr. Frost in Philadelphia, PA
  24. Surgical description.
  25. Looking for information on a scoliosis specialist in New York area
  26. i'm worried.
  27. Looking for adult scoliosis physicians in Bay Area
  28. Gary Flangas MD??
  29. Rib Rotation Treatment
  30. Discovery Channel Show
  31. spam-mover
  32. VEPTR in Reader's Digest
  33. Dr. D'Andrea of Shriners quoted regarding stapling procedure
  34. Dynesys system
  35. Revision surgery
  36. Shilla new self expanding growth rods??????
  37. Adult scoliosis surgeon Florida - second opinion
  38. Fuse main curve only
  39. What are the best Scoliosis centers/ Doctors
  40. Stem cell treatment for scoliosis
  41. Davies Dominoes Treatment for Scoliosis
  42. Sacramento Area Surgeon
  43. Trying to do a search on my Surgeon
  44. Interesting thread on FixScoliosis's blog
  45. An Emily Litella moment on FixScoliosis's Blog
  46. Preventing MRSA-new finding
  47. Rib Cage
  48. Please HELP????
  49. If Dr. Hey is missing an instument...
  50. Board certified pediatric orthopedic surgeons
  51. Are spinal fusions wasted money?
  52. Levoscoliosis-hip pain
  53. 18 YO, 32* painful TL curve fused
  54. Check out this correction and comments
  55. Return to competitive athletics 2 weeks after fusion
  56. FAO Rohrer01
  57. An Anand case with critique and response
  58. An Interview with Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei
  59. Fusing smaller curves to save levels?
  60. rib removal
  61. Comment about back years after fusion
  62. Short video of Dr. Newton explaining a T fusion and rotation correction
  63. Fusionless Surgery / Wedge Osteotomies
  64. Performing Minimally Invasive Surgery for Adult Scoliosis: Q&A With Dr. Neel Anand
  65. Dr. Hey is doing Shilla w/ Dr. McCarthy (Arkansas)
  66. Minimally Invasive Scoliosis Surgery Featuring George Picetti, III, M.D.
  67. Educational Videos for the Medical Community
  68. A reason to do surgery earlier rather than later
  69. Earlier fusion for TL curves to save levels
  70. New "U-Rod" technique for Proximal Junctional Kyphosis by Dr. Hey
  71. Two more collapsed spine cases, one starting at only 33* at maturity
  72. Fusion of high thoracic curve - Hey Clinic
  73. Dr. Hey fuses a painful 41* AIS curve in a 31 y.o. woman
  74. Supplements to Prepare for Surgery?
  75. Back to ballet 4 weeks post op
  76. Interesting tidbit comments from Dr. Hey on recent cases
  77. Elective iliac screw removal decreases pain
  78. More potential confounders for AIS curve progression studies
  79. INFUSE lawsuit?
  80. Minimally invasive Surgery Xlif.. Help
  81. A 29 years and going strong H-rod success story
  82. Flexibility .. Why not?
  83. disc surgery
  84. Dr. Hey standing on his head again
  85. Hey Clinic - Another collapse case in an adult
  86. Dr. Hey does a beautiful hypercorrection on a T50 - L60 Curve
  87. Phenomenal correction of a 124* curve by Dr. Hey!!
  88. Rib hump reduction surgery seemed to trigger curve progression
  89. <30* at maturity but surgery due to progression a few years later
  90. Would like to hear from anyone that had Anterior only surgery
  91. Dr. Hey - opinions of two patients on seeking treatment
  92. Dr. Hey - many cases including a "truss" instrumentation
  93. A question!
  94. Top surgeons don't know why their colleagues are not doing more STFs
  95. Minimally invasive surgery - 2-5 year follow-up - Anand et al.
  96. X-STOP Spacer
  97. Adjacent disc space height shorter in fusions but no effect on pain or disability
  98. Non-fusion correction of scoliosis by corrective forces
  99. Recent study on VBS published in Spine
  100. BMP reduces re-operation risk
  101. A few adults have had vertebral body tethering (VBT)
  102. Tethering in skeletally mature people - data call
  103. Calling Ed... material failures of magnetic growth rods
  104. Paper wih a LARGE number of hyper-corrected patients
  105. From Rita T
  106. Hemivertibrae resection