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Scolioscreen - A New Alternative to the Scoliometer!

The Scolioscreen device combined with measuring software applications, such as the Scolioscreen APP (Available at iTunes) , allows for the early detection of scoliosis and enables professionals in the clinic, as well as patients and families in their home, to use their smartphone to detect and monitor the status of the spinal curve.

Scolioscreen won the Best New Technology Award and is today's innovative modern alternative for yesterday's scoliometer!

Validated Clinical Tool

The Scolioscreen, when used with a smartphone running a software application measuring inclination is scientifically validated as a reliable and accurate tool for measuring the angle of trunk rotation, which provides an indication for possible underlying spinal deformity, such as scoliosis. The Scolioscreen is made from a durable material and has a specially adapted recessed base to conform to a person's back which is an important aspect to achieving an accurate measurement. Scolioscreen is designed to fit all smartphones, with or without a protective case.

To learn more about the reliability, ease of use, and comparison of Scolioscreen to the "gold standard" scoliometer please see the blinded clinical trial published in the SCOLIOSIS Journal, a peer reviewed medical journal, Read More

Simple Steps of Use

(1) Start smartphone level APP; (2) Place smartphone in the Scolioscreen device; (3) Have patient bend forward; (4) Position spinal process (spine bump) in the recess of the Scolioscreen device; (5) Move Scolioscreen device up and down the spine; (6) Make note of maximum angle; (7) Review proposed recommendation.

Blue Scolioscreen Price: $30.00 US                   

Grey Scolioscreen Price: $30.00 US                   

Pink Scolioscreen Price: $30.00 US